Anyone with TAB Bank? I need the TIN for my 1099

I don’t know if I lost it or they did, but I don’t have my 1099 INT from TAB Bank (Transportation Alliance Bank). FYI they have a pretty good Kasasa account (4% up to 50k, 15 transactions and a billpay each month).

If anyone has received their 1099 INT from TAB, I would love to know their TIN to fill it in on my taxes (since I can calculate the interest on my own, it’s the only part of the form I need now). I will call them later after today’s holiday, but of course I would always prefer to avoid a phone call with a bank if possible

Thanks gang

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Count you lucky! I was cleaning my spam folder and saw the fragile deal email (no wonder i haven’t seen any email from fragile deal for some time). It’s 87-0571941