Are business credit cards a viable option for individuals

The advantages of business credit cards, for those not really engaged in business, are pretty darn overwhelming! :heart_eyes:

Just the outsized bonuses and inflated rewards alone boggle the mind!

But are there any risks at all? Is there a downside?

Can I Get a Business Credit Card Even if I Don’t Have a Business?

The Requirements for Opening a Business Credit Card

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No downsides… I have read that the consumer protections are not present in business cards. ie compared to consumer cards.

However, you cannot beat the points and other benefits. I have done 2 Chase biz cards in the past 6 months. Will use the UR points for another trip to Europe in 1-2 years! :slight_smile:

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They are if you can get them. Some have pretty decent features. Especially if you’re already way over 5/24 and still want a new Chase card.

Really? Ink Cash is the only card I can think of with highest category-specific rewards.

  • A wasted inquiry if you don’t get approved.
  • Some business cards are reported on your personal credit report.
  • Personal purchases are technically not allowed (some issuers write this into the agreement, not sure if they all do), and usually there’s no consumer protections for personal purchases. It may be a non-enforceable technicality, just keep it in mind.
  • Chase started limiting rewards opportunities and cracking down on rewards churners.

I think you’re right. Perhaps I should have used the word “handsome” in place of the word “inflated”. However:

Do not myself have any focus whatsoever on category-specific rewards, so this is a blind spot for me. I cannot make any money with category-specific rewards. My entire ability to profit relies on across-the-board rewards. And the business cards do offer opportunities in that regard.

Changing your tune on a business card without a business?


I was researching, trying to find a “safe” way. “Safe” in this instance refers to application of my own, personal, criteria regarding safety.

After consulting the aforementioned references, and after further consideration, I do not find a “safe” way to go forward with a business CC.

And I have not gone forward. For me personally, and only for me, it is not a prudent course of action. However, I am respectful of the different conclusion arrived at regarding this matter by others, folks for whom a business CC (without a business) is a “go”.

I have a legit freelance business so getting business credit cards is not an issue but aside from double dipping for some cards’s signup bonuses (Chase SW say) or getting around the anti-churning rules (5/24 Chase or 2-yr from closure Citi), the terms are so similar to personal cards that it’s not worth messing with them for the non signup rewards.

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I founded Qcumber’s All-Natural Lawn Care LLC just for business credit cards.


Is it a Member-Owned Organization?


I see what you did there.

Chase ink is the main exception. I don’t use it that much though. Additionally business cards are nice if you use balance transfer/cash advance offers. You can 95%+ the card limits and it doesn’t affect your credit score. It would have been nice though if I’d have obtained another personal Southwest card (when there was premier and plus) instead of 1bus+ personal before they recently instituted the “only can have one Southwest card”. Two Southwest priority cards would have been nice :/. I couldn’t have guessed the trend shift to credit cards with high annual fees that are negative effective annual fees.

Now I have two with negative effective fees. Southwest priority and amex aspire, at least until they’re both gutted.


I was pleasantly surprised that the Chase Ink Cash had an intro APR. I have a couple thousand parked there. It is nice :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is a nice sweetener if you have a high APY reward checking. The WF business card has a great bonus ($500), plus 0% APR for 9 months. I’ve been very happy with this one.

Also comes with checking, savings, and money market accounts whether you want them or not. Sweet!