I wonder how this helps/hurts USD?

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I doubt Milei will be able to switch to USD any time soon, if ever. Argentina doesn’t have the reserves necessary to switch; they’re broke. If the switch were to happen, the effect to us would be nil. The greatest risk in the next couple of years is that Argentina will default on its debts to the IMF.


They were going to do that anyway


Having to exchange USD cash for blue market currency was always a pain. To get the market rate vs official as a tourist.

Big win for tourists and expats I guess.

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Look up his campaigning vids and previous job :slight_smile:

Milei is an interesting character

Milei’s victory is not just a political statement, but also a potential game-changer for bitcoin. The president-elect sees bitcoin as a key to reviving the economy, advocating for monetary control to return to the private sector. However, it is important to note that Milei has not yet formally proposed making Bitcoin legal tender in Argentina.


The stock BUR is trying to collect some multi $B legal judgement against Argentina, and they liked this election outcome.


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This has changed recently. Visa and MC are offering the blue rate, usually within a few pesos of what you can get from the cambio guys on the street. It’s made the whole process a lot easier.

I tend to agree with @harish7631 - the country is broke. They have no reserves so I don’t see how this works without some kind of bailout.