Atari is offering up a "Unique Investment Opportunity"

I’ve never gotten to play RCT back in the day or even now that it’s available on IOS and Android. What do you guys think about this offer? Here is the wording of the original email and a link for more info.

We are excited to share today that RollerCoaster Tycoon has launched an equity-based crowdfunding campaign with StartEngine to bring a new entry in the acclaimed RCT franchise to the Nintendo Switch!

This unique, limited-time investment opportunity allows fans to become investors and bring RollerCoaster Tycoon to the Nintendo Switch. As an investor, you will participate in a revenue share from the game’s distribution as soon as it launches.

The StartEngine crowdfunding campaign will fund development of RollerCoaster Tycoon on Nintendo Switch, an original game made specifically for Switch that takes complete advantage of the console’s innovative home and portable capabilities.

Join Atari Game Partners to bring RollerCoaster Tycoon to the Nintendo Switch today!

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I’m a fan of Transport Tycoon (or rather its’ FOSS reincarnation), but I could never get into RCT. Some of the comments are interesting too.

My guess is they’ll use hollywood accounting (millions in revenue and $0 profit) and you’ll never get your investment back. They only need a million or two to port existing code, and I think If they thought it was worthwhile, they’d fund it themselves. Maybe it’s a way to advertise and generate some interest, but our attention spans are


Here’s a version of the original you can play online or download.


The comments on that page are humorous. Also, (paraphrase) “if we raise more than 10k, we may use the excess for giving ourselves bonuses, spending money on our meals and entertainment, and on admin expenses that aren’t really admin expenses.” Not sure if that’s a standard disclaimer in these sorts of offerings, but funny nonetheless.

There have been games funded in this manner, via the Fig platform. The upcoming Wasteland 3 for instance. Pillars of Eternity 2 I believe also funded in this manner. It’s not the usual kickstarting, but it’s been done. Whether it’s a worthwhile investment is up to you, personally Atari doesn’t have a great name in games, and hasn’t for awhile.

This is great, I would have loved to get in on the ground floor of a game like, for example, Donkey Kong.

Personally I think I’d rather buy stock in Atari rather than “invest” in any game in this manner.

I just checked and it looks like their stock has flatlined.

That’s the Fig thing. It really is .co and not .com

Yea cause we all know what a great seller it is today. Could I perhaps interest you in a cassette tape manufacturing company or maybe one that makes floppy discs?

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I might invest just for nostalgia. I played a lot of roller coaster tycoon back in the day. Fun game.

Actually, I have no problem getting in on the ground floor of Donkey Kong. Its getting to the upper floors and defeating the monkey that is difficult for me!!!


I loved RCT, spent many hundreds of hours playing each version of it. But, a new release would have competition. There is a game out now called Planet Coaster which is basically an updated version of RCT and it is fantastic. They have first-to-market advantage and an excellent product, so I foresee an uphill battle for a new RCT release.