Auto and Home insurance through work at a discount

Work is offering home and auto insurance through a big company that has fairly ok reviews (I briefly googled them). I could save money b/c it offers: a group discount, 10% new customer discount, “extra savings” for being with the company for a long time, and a multi-policy discount… As far as HR can tell, this wouldn’t be coming out of my paycheck and according to the brochure, I can take this insurance w/ me if I leave this job.

Are there any pro’s or cons to getting my home/auto insurance through work? I haven’t had to claim anything on my home or auto insurance so I don’t know how easy or difficult they are to deal with. We basically called up AIS and asked for something cheap and almost bare-minimum.

Seeing as we now have a home, I may want to up that insurance and get more than basic coverage. What questions should I ask this insurance company if I were to switch over? Is there anything in particular I should get insured?


Is it truly through your work or just some kind of discount rate code? Is continued employment there required to renew the policy?


It’s a benefit from work that probably has some discount codes.

from the brochure: “coverage is 100% portable, so even if you change jobs you can take your policy with you.”

I’m guessing “no” but that’s a good question to ask.


Usually it’s just a discount for being a member of some group. The group could be an employer, a profession or job title, and sometimes membership in organizations, like fraternities.

Even with everything they claim to offer you might not get the best price, so make sure to shop around.