Auto Insurance Quotes and Credit Feeze

Has anyone noticed that their auto insurance quotes seem much higher since freezing their credit? I’m shopping around and quotes seem much higher, even from companies (Geico, State Farm) that previously were pretty competitive for me
None of the companies online or a broker over the phone indicated that a freeze was an issue, even when I asked on the phone. I thought that a freeze only blocked hard pulls, and insurance companies typically do a soft inquiry.

The obvious solution is to temporarily unfreeze my credit. I just did this with Trans Union and will try again tomorrow. Unfortunately Experian gives me errors when I attempt to unfreeze so that will be a long phone call again with them. I will unfreeze Equifax for a few days as well.

Did you notice the quotes changed after freezing/thawing credit? If I request a new quote a day or two later, do they attempt to pull your credit again, or are you stuck with what you have for 30 days?

Looking at past inquiries from my pre-freeze days, I noticed the following insurance companies used these credit bureaus.

Amica Equifax
Homesite (home) Transunion
Geico Transunion
State Farm/LexisNex (auto) Experian
Progressive Experian
Erie / LexisNex (home) Experian
Ameriprise (home) Equifax
21st Century (auto) Equifax

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Interesting article–it looks like the author experienced a rise in his existing policies upon renewal–not from getting quotes. Anecdotes on bogleheads suggested that they didn’t experience the existing policy increase.

I’m curious if anyone has a freeze and experienced higher quotes, and if they company stated a freeze is the reason.