Award Booking thread

This is for people who want to ask for or offer help with booking awards

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I’ll start it off with a question. Is there a *A equivalent of BA Avios for booking short domestic segments on UA at lower miles than the standard award? I know SQ has biz at 20k o/w and LH has it at 17.5k, but I don’t see anything better than 12.5k for economy.

Doesn’t help answer your question and isn’t *A but Delta’s shorter hop 5,000 mile awards have been getting me around the west coast a lot lately.

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2d that. I just used 5500 delta miles to book a $93 MCO-LGA ticket in January. Nice use of daughter’s Delta account with just 7k miles in it, and no more on the horizon.

TMSY, I don’t know of any Avios equivalent on UAL.

So far it’s lifemiles at 10k one way for their broad definition of North America. But those are relatively hard to acquire

A great deal for Canada to North Central America tho.
North America United States

Central America North El Salvador

UA has reduced price awards for short segments, but I’m looking at MSY IAD which is a little too far.

Those are a great deal and good for MSY-JFK for me. Unfortunately they’ve basically blacked them out short-notice. I hate how they’ve basically made their redemptions revenue-based implicitly just by how they control short-notice award inventory.

That’s unfortunate. Have you noticed that with any other routes? I had good luck close-in, but that was over a year back…perhaps all close inf lights on DL are pricier now.

They seem not to open up domestic space close-in on any reliable schedule. Even midweek. I don’t follow DL that closely though.

Timing on this is perfect:

I think I’m going to apply for the lifemiles card. It’s also from a less known bank so should be an easy approval.

My lifemiles visa apps seem to have fallen into a black hole. No card or denial letter

If I am understanding it correctly, I can transfer my AMEX points to SPG then transfer to Emirates for a 5000 point bonus for every 20k sent?

I think so, but don’t you take a substantial haircut transferring Amex to SPG? Something like 3:1.

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Ah, you are right, I didn’t realize that.

EK isn’t a great program. Hope you just need to top off for an award.

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Plus, Emirates seems to be slowly pruning their schedule. Never know what it will be in 12 months…

i’ve had this same experience twice over the past 5 years. but inquiry DID hit my CR, i saw it during a refi.