Bank acct with high interest

Would like some insight from members here re: banks that pay high-interest today. Such as Element @4%, ETFCU Vertical checking @ 3.3%, and TFCU with a 400.00 bonus. Plus the old faithful HMBradley @ 3% Kabbage from AMEX has been 1.1 for 1 year.
During the pandemic,

being an avid MSer, I did not go to stores for about 18 months. Have 4 OBC @ 5% back, in G/G/D stores and 2 BCP @ 6 % back in groceries only. Plus other 3% grocery cards and Chase biz cards for 5% at Staples on VGC. when they are fee-free like starting this week…today…So I got into bank bonuses and Swagbucks from my couch. Then I noticed via DOC about the above-mentioned accts. Sure there are hoops but for a retiree, I spend 1 hour per month doing the bp, debits,and other hoops in one shot. So far HMBradley has been great. I DD my SS and use their CC at groceries 1x monthly for 100.00 spend with 3 % back, plus yearly fee for the card. Elements and EFTCU I have for 2 months and so far so good with the small BP and debits of less then 2.00 each. TFCU is a disaster acc. to DOC. I applied and it took 9 days for them to deny me, do not know why. I’m better off acc to doc comments. Ill apply again in wife’s name (she lets me) right when the bonus expires and all calms down with them. Lets hear some feedback. And I have some great insights on the AMEX OBC cards also.


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If a Rewards Checking interest rate did not go down over the past couple years (there are a handful, including those you mentioned), I wouldnt expect them to go up any as interest rates rise, either. But those that did crash, they likely wont rebound nearly as quick - in general, rewards checking rates arent nearly as fluid as other liquid accounts.

I’m a bit relieved, since I’ve spend the past two years worried that my high-rate rewards accounts would slash their rate like everyone else. I’m pretty sure that risk has passed, at least for now.


I am leaving HMBradley because I don’t like them adding extra requirements. I was happy with 3% without the credit card requirements. I kept mine with 1% but now I am back to building a ladder of treasuries yielding a bit more especially after state taxes. The way I read HMBradley – Unlock your money's potential with “Offer expires 06/30/2022” it seems like the 3% might go away at the end of the month?

Like I mentioned in the CD thread: I have a Elements High Interest Checking but opened it way before this 4% promo. I went with this exactly because I don’t want to do the debit card work and have many bills to pay with my many credit cards as well as normal bills so it works out nicely for me.

Once it becomes a 2% account it might be less exciting as we are basically there with a 6 month treasury already and rates seem to be headed higher, that said I am keeping mine and also…

One credit union to check out is Savings Accounts: Affinity Federal Credit Union they give 2% on $5,000 with no requirements and their credit card is nice: Bonus Points | Affinity Cashback Rewards Visa® Signature Credit Card (5% cash back at Amazon and bookstores as well as additional categories every quarter) with a $200 sign up bonus. This quarter I got this: EARN AN EXTRA 5% CASH BACK on gas, supermarket and gardening center purchases when using your Affinity Cash Rewards Visa® Signature Credit Card