Bank of America Cash Rewards

I haven’t seen it mentioned before, but the Bank of America Cash Rewards that was 3% Gas; 2% Groceries; 1% everything else, now allows you to choose your 3% category (up to $2,500 in quarterly spending on all categories and then 1% on everything). the categories are:

  • Gas
  • Online shopping
  • Dining
  • Travel
  • Drug stores
  • Home improvement and furnishings

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Are there any more details on what BofA considers “online shopping”? Some B&M retailers with a website charge your card for .com orders as if you were in the store…

It;s a good question, all I can find is " Eligible merchants would include merchants whose primary line of business falls under the following Choice Categories … Online Shopping", so I don’t know if you have to be online only.

It looks like it’s basically all online “retail” type stores. Here’s a screen shot of what I saw after I picked it as my 3% category…


And there’s a big list of what is excluded…


It would be great if people could post data points for things that count as “online shopping” that are not on the list. Maybe we could have a wiki here?


For anyone considering this card, please consider the Susan G. Komen or WWF variants of the card for the same exact cashback benefits, plus BoA shares a small portion (0.08%) of your spend with a good cause:

Susan G. Komen Cash Rewards Card
World Wildlife Cash Rewards Card


Doe anyone know if you can still get one of the two charitable cards if yoiu already have a cashback card.

My wife managed to get a Komen card even though she had a Cash back card, but that was several years ago.

I have the cashback card (mine is a visa, not a mastercard) and the WWF version. Was approved 2 weeks ago. Also applied for the Komen card a few mins after applying for the WWF card but was denied.

All info is in the comments right now.

Thank you for posting that link, scripta. And I agree, those comments are most valuable and revealing. They are surely worthy of a read.

I can offer a data point, but it is worth VERY little at this point. I’ll know so much more in one month:

Anyway, I charged an item which coded as “online purchase”. But at time of making that charge I had failed to switch my 3% choice over from “gas” to “online purchases”. However:

At moment my statement closed the “online purchases” selection WAS in place. I was not awarded the extra 2%, so assume your selection must be in place at moment of purchase, not good enough if only at time later when reward is calculated.

No bigee for me owing to the $2500/quarter limitation. I will charge way more than that again this month, and shall learn whether or not they give me the 3% reward a month from now.

Off-topic here, but related to the discussion. Any pointers for the reverse question: which websites of big department stores qualify as Department Stores for AmEx BCP 3% cash back?

Amex BCP Dept. Stores:

The list seems to be limited to 16:

“Eligible purchases include those made in store and online.”

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Thanks Argyll. So it appears that Amex goes by name for department stores, not category code. Good to know.