Bank of America more rewards day

TIme to pay taxes etc?

More Rewards Day 2023 - Earn Extra Credit Card Rewards?

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Earn an additional 2% cash back for every $1 spent on purchases made on 11/09/23 ET. This one-day offer is good for the first $2,500 in purchases up to $50 cash back. That’s on top of the rewards you’re already earning.


From the B of A website

Purchase transactions must post to the unique credit card account and have a transaction date of 11/9/2023 ET

Note that the transaction date is not necessarily the day you make the purchase. On the Bogleheads Bank of America premium rewards thread many people said they did not get it with the same promotion last year because it did not post on the purchase date. I do not have any large payments I was already planning to make around that date, so I think I will pass.