Barclaycard offering 20-month 0% APR no fee BT for Commence card YMMV

I just received an email from Barclaycard giving me essentially 20-21 month of no Fee 0% balance transfer. Spouse has the same commence card but only got a sales transfer offer of spend $1k for three months and get $50 additional cash back. So obviously YMMV. It seems like Barclaycard is aggressively targeting super prime customers with their sales transfer(ST) and balance transfer(BT) offers.


I’ve gotten 0% APR BT offers on the Sallie Mae/Commence card almost quarterly for years. However I can’t remember ever getting a no fee offer (usually it’s 2%)

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Yeah, this is the deal on a similar timeline as yours. 0% APR but with the $5 or 2% fee.

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Barclays has been offering some super competitive BT lately, I’ve done back to back 1% BT on my converted Arrival+/Barclays Reward card.

No offers here for my old legacy PL card (heavy spend), or new Wyndham card (moderate spend).

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I get emails on some Barclays accounts that they will do direct deposit. This option is not available all the time. Sometimes a trip to the bank is easier with their paper checks (meaning you are in control of when money hits your account - accounting for deposit rules, of course.)

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I make sure not to get paperless statements for any of my Barclays cards as the 1-3% fee BT offers get snuck in often.

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FYI, this may not be necessary. I get BT offers in the mail weekly or close to it from Barclays.

Barclays is great for BT offers. For DW and me, they vary from 1% to 2% fee typically and rates are USUALLY 0%, sometimes 1% or 2%. I’ve never been able to figure a pattern on spending or card theme. I just know I love them!

While I’ve never recalled having a direct to checking option, I’ve never had a problem depositing them in a bank – other than hold time of up to ten days.

I’m on paperless. The paper check offers come rolling in like… other credit card offers. I should have collected them over the years and heated my house with them like that one guy did years ago.

20 months is longer than I’ve seen. Usually mine are 12 or 18.

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