Bella Pro Air Fryer for $40 with FS - Very limited time

This appears to be a reprise of the deal I posted here last December.

The deal is good only for today.

Key is the free shipping. You can often find air fryers on sale at great prices, but there is a charge for shipping which squirrels the deal.

This fryer offers decent capacity and electronic touchscreen controls. Only the black is available at this price. Shiny silver stainless costs more.

Today only Bella Pro air fryer at Best Buy

This will probably go on sale again after today. Cannot guess when. Maybe on black Friday . . . . after all it’s a black air fryer! :grinning:

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I read up on the thread from December just now.

There was some discussion about air fryers vs convection ovens. I’ve had 3 convection ovens over my lifetime. The first two (a Whirlpool and a Frigidaire) were not nearly as good as an air fryer. Our third oven (an Ilve) is just as good as an air fryer, if not better.

The reason the Ilve can match the air fryer in performance is that it employs 3 heat sources in convection mode (top, bottom, and rear of the oven) and the fan is significantly faster than either the Whirlpool’s or the Frigidaire’s. This was sort of a forced purchase for us, as the previous owners of the house installed a 40" Frigidaire and the control board blew. With no replacement parts available, and only a single 40" oven on the market, we had to buy the Ilve or do some significant remodeling of our kitchen. That oven has turned out to be one of my favorite appliances of all time and totally worth the splurge.

For most folks though with a regular convection oven, an air fryer typically outclasses it and at 40 bucks it’s a really good deal.