Bella Pro Series Stainless Steel Meat Slicer - $25

This is from Best Buy via eBay. Shipping is free.

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I know you arent endorsing the quality, but I’m extremely suspicious of a meat slicer retailing for only $25. I’d be hesitant of a plastic one for that price, let alone one that is stainless steel.

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Yours is a fair comment. So I have dug deeper.

This item is also available, for the same price but no FS, on the Best Buy website:

But on their website you are able to find reviews. And the reviews for this item are decidedly mixed, some OK while other folks do not like this slicer at all.

I suspect how well this slicer performs will depend a whole lot on exactly what it is you are slicing.


Wow. I paid $100 for one.

The plastic ones are good enough for home use.

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And your experience using a slicer. Presuming this is a motorized unit, I suspect the positive reviews were from people re-slicing pre-sliced bologna. :rofl:

Unless this is a “fell off the truck” deal, I would be reticent to risk my digits, financial or physical, on a $25 stainless steel slicer.

That seems like a very good price for a capable machine.

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