Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

I use NFCU for 0% no-fee balance transfers. I have two VISA cards with them. One advantage is that when a 0% offer comes around, there is no application and no credit check as I am not getting a new card.

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New and existing Navy Federal credit cardholders can enjoy a 0% intro APR on balance transfers to a new or existing Navy Federal Credit Card for 12 months. After that, a variable APR between 6.99% and 18% applies.

Offer valid from 1/3/18 to 2/28/18.|pro||crd|gen|0bt12|01/03/2018|35055||cb1.3


Thanks for putting the dates in there. I had one expiring in March, I will get the payment in and cycle a new BT.

9 Best 0% APR Credit Card Offers – March 2018

New intro offer from the Amex Everyday card 0% for 15 months, no fee. It is similar to the Chase Slate offer:


Yes, sweet offer! I was approved for this card last week. The MM affiliate link offers only 10,000 MR, but if you open it incognito you should be able to get a 25,000 MR bonus

Thanks so much for the heads up on this card - just signed up.

Apart from introductory offers I was wondering if there are there any cards which offer 0% APR even after the intro offer is over. I have many sock-drawered CCs and it will be great if I can use one of them for BT even if I have to pay the BT fee instead of opening yet another CC just for this purpose.
I have balance on Amex Blue Business Plus card which I need to transfer.
Better option seems to be BT to another business card (since it doesn’t get reported) but I’m not aware of any except Chase Ink and I’m already 7/24.

Both ink plus and SW business cards have consistently offered me 2% fee 0% rate for 12 months for the past couple years.

Also my Chase SW personal card, but I don’t use it on that one. I know it’s not helpful to you as they’re Chase though…

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Virtually all 0% no fee BT offers are introductory offers.

There is only one card I know of that offers no fee 0% APR to continuing cardholders. That is NFCU.

There are other cards where you can cancel and wait two years since you received the first card to apply again for the same introductory offer (Chase).

I found another card which let me get the introductory offer again only six months after I canceled the first card. This was a credit union where I canceled membership and then rejoined six months later.

There are a number of them that make 0% offers with a fee. I have received regular mailings from Barclays offering 0% for payment of a 3% fee, but.I don’t do BTs that require a fee.

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Thanks so much guys.
I remember that someone commented on FW thread that they were able to get 0% BT again on their Alliant card which was used for intro 0% BT years ago.

January 2019

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DCU offering totally free balance transfers, up to your credit limit, between now and July:

Decent BT deal at DCU

Almost a year late on a response, but you can add the Toyota Rewards Visa as a card that has offered me 0%, 0 BT fee for 15 months. It only happened once - last March. Had a low CL, and they raise it slowly, but hoping they do it again when I pay it off in June.

It used to be US Bank and never even had BT offers, but it changed to Comenity a few months/year before the offer.

The Mrs. just got an offer from Cap1 to transfer as much as she wants for a 2% BT Fee. 0$ APR for 12 months. She has a few lines, but one with 30k. I maxed it out.

NFCU has 1.99%/$0 for new and existing card holders for 12 months.


Maxed this one out too!

What are you maxing these for? Moving actual debt or are you arbitraging?

On another note…

Doctor of credit posted about this yesterday, but the article there states it could be a 0%/$0 and you’d see the offer when you login to your account. I’ve been a member of NFCU since 2008 (USA Fed “merger”) and have never seen this advertised upon login. Even clicking “Offers” on the top nav bar shows nothing about BT offers. I’ve only ever seen BT offers displayed on the public NFCU website, and all I see for this one is the 1.99% offer. I have tried on tablets, cell phones, computers, and the same behavior is across devices. I’ve tried incognito too.

I’m thinking maybe DoC’s source (he links the member in the article) may be mistaken because I’ve only ever seen where everyone sees the same exact offer, on the front page.


For me, I’m actually using them for some trading right now. There are some amazing opportunities in the stock market right now.

But, if nothing else, I’ll borrow money at 2% interest and find lots of good uses for it every day of the week.

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Gotcha. Yeah, that is not a bad option if you can make some serious loot on top of the expense of the money. Personally, I quit trading a year ago. It was sucking so much of my time that I was not paying enough attention to my day job. All the power to you if you can make it happen though.

I’m not doing soul/time sucking day trading. At 2% cost, one doesn’t need a particularly great deal to make it worth the effort.

If nothing else, folks could abitrage their mortgage.