Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Amex Everyday Card has a no fee (if done in first 60 days) 0% for 15 months BT offer. However, there are limits lower than the credit line for balance transfers… Still a good card, as purchases get the 0% rate as well.


#1 on this list

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Thanks Argyll. I got this card earlier in the week.

More info for the curious…

AmEx EveryDay Credit Card Offer: 25,000 Points + 0% APR For 15 Months With $0 BT Fee

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Hearing and seeing some reports of PenFed CC closures on accounts just used for cash advances. Anyone else?

I just applied for this Union Bank visa. it’s $0/0% for 15mo. app deferred for review so i’ll have to come back to update CL when it goes through. hoping for $30k CL but i’ve never heard of this bank so who knows.

If you have an account there (lol), Ed Jones (issued by Elan) has a business card with a 0/0 deal for 12mo.

0/0 deals seem to be pretty scarce right now but i’m looking for some to get through a rough spot. anyone know of any others? much appreciated!


Thanks for the post.

0%/0% transfer is something I haven’t seen in a couple of years. I get tons of CapOne (with expensive stationary), Wells, BoA and occasional CITI offers, but they ALL have BT fees. I don’t have time to investigate/apply, but would appreciate hearing your outcome.

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Same as the goose sadly. I did hear about 2% BT fee from a friend. CapOne.

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Most of the issuers are offering long term BTs but still take the 3% fee.
us bank has a 20mo offer.
wf is offering 21mo.

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