Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Personal Savings AmEx is 1.75% too but you don’t hear them making a big deal out of it like Ally. Also, if this were FW, all that Northern Bank jibba-jabba in here would get tons of red. :grinning:


Still, Ally did jump to 1.65% and now to 1.75% in very short order…I have Ally and like them a lot but for a while was tempted to close because i started to get the feeling that they weren’t going to move up with at least the mid stream of the "rate pack’ so i am glad to see they are back in the game again! I also like to use them for day to day banking because of their very nice set up…And now i certainly WILL keep them open…

Let’s get ready for Alliant to match Ally on 7/1 - really wish Alliant and Ally would stay more competitive like the old days!

I, and I’m guessing the mods, haven’t said anything about cross-talk, because we don’t have that many users or that many things to say on here. I prefer some chatter to none to keep the threads alive.

But yes, generally if you have a lot to say about a particular bank (ahem @shinobi @pattyb53), please consider starting a thread. The wiki above has a column for links to bank-specific threads.



Just a comment for thought…with the rates still low but coming up you might want to look at some of the cash back reward credit cards only if you are willing to set them to auto pay full balance at end of month so you use them just like debit cards. You can get 1-5% back depending on the card and category but even if you pick just one like the citi doublecash that’s 2% on EVERYTHING having the bank pay YOU to use their card is a great feeling. If you leave a balance on the card you’ve just thrown away any possible savings on that card for an indefinate period. Paying 15% interest and getting 2% back is still a 13% loss.

I have 3 that do rotating 5% categories per quarter. 1 that does 5% back in two categories of my choice…3% groceries, 5% gas, 3% back on restaurants, office supply, home supply…a decent spread that covers just about everything…if it doesn’t I can always purchase a gift card at a grocery store, drug store or gas station depending on what category is paying 5% back then use that at stores not normally covered. Buying Sam’s club gift cards which are also good at walmart when cards are paying 5% at “warehouse clubs” is a quick way to lower your walmart costs and those gift cards can be used to purchase your prescriptions at the walmart pharmacy.

There used to be dedicated threads that talked about the best cards to use for cashback but I don’t see them available in google searches anymore.

Do you mean like this thread? I believe it’s PINNED and appears at the top of the Finance category… or maybe it’s “pinnable”, so you can make it appear at the top for you.

Also interest rates have nothing to do with using rewards credit cards.

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While it contains alot of useful info airline points and other rewards are all tossed in together where I was strictly referring to cashback cards. If the thread was more broken out then it would remind me more of the ones that used to be on fatwallet. The closest to what I’m talking about that’s still actively updated is

I believe I was quite clear in stating that interest rates have nothing to do with using reward credit cards when I stated to set the card to auto pay full balance at end of month and never let it carry a balance.

NBD interest credited, and the correct interest of 2.26% is now showing as expected.


Appreciate the heads up. Yup, seeing the same in my account so no complaints. All as promised.

Strategy now is a division of liquid assets between NBD and AgFed. This means for Northpointe: See ya!

Have spoken with them. Their management does not appear to care. So neither can I. That said, the Northpointe reps are especially nice people . . . have not encountered a sour one yet. Just wish the bank could do better on its interest rate.

Interest posted for me at NBD as well. On the Account Information tab, it shows “Last Statement APY Earned: 2.26%” but also says Interest Rate: 0.00" right above it. Anyone else’s account look like this?

That’s where I put my emergency fund. The interest rate will consistently be close to the highest you can get at a bank. Technically I am taking on some risk with a MMF vs. FDIC insured account but I think it is negligible with this fund. It’s a good way to not have to chase rates all the time.


Mine is looking like that too.

To link an external account at NBD , is the only option for 2 trial deposits in & OUT (uses 2 of my 6 allowed out)
tia for replies

Are you trying to create external links from within NBD’s ACH system? If so, the trial deposit method is the only way (as far as I know).

But if you are trying to link to NBD from an external account, you might be able to avoid trial deposits. I created my links to NBD from Merrill Edge with instant verification (no trial deposits).

[quote=“scanchain, post:404, topic:2349”]
Are you trying to create external links from within NBD’s ACH system? YES

If so, the trial deposit method is the only way (as far as I know).
[/quote] My remaing question is, does NBD wihtdraw the trial deposits as 1 combined withdrawal or as t separate withdrawals? TIA for replies

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Two withdrawals. NBD does NOT combine them.

You might be better off pushing the money in because the ACH limit at NBD is $5k a day. There is also a limit per month.

I’ll assume you are referring to me as I recently talked about Ally’s ACH limits.

Some of us are retired and are moving our retirement funds(or parts thereof) to get the best interest rate so we can live off of it. If you move that SAME amount multiple times because better interest rates become available and you always pass through ALLY then you’ll hit up against limits that are way over the amount involved. You need to get over yourself.

As far as contributing to the thread counting the post I’m replying to you’ve made a whopping 2 posts with the first being 1 rate change notification and table update and you’re casting stones?

Alliant is 1.7% now


Does this have a 30 day holding limitation like other Fidelity no loads? I read as much as I could find on Fidelity’s site, it doesn’t seem like it does.

Ally makes the process really simple to do outgoing wires. They do charge a fee ($20) for outgoing however incoming is free. It’s a simple online form you fill out and submit. They call to verify the info and it’s done. The process with other banks has been more tedious including having to fax paper forms.

When wiring or setting up ACH for Agriculture FCU specify your member number with no suffix as the account #. The money will automatically go into your savings. It can then be pulled into the no penalty cd they are offering by the bank. My ach validation kept failing because I was trying to add -0001 or -S01 to the end of the account number.