Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Restrictions: only nationally available accounts.

By popular demand, and since admin finally enabled HTML tables, see the wiki post below. I’ve taken the old FWF thread, cross referenced the PWF thread, updated most links and rates, and culled everything below 1.25% since one can hardly call it “best”.


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Abbreviations used below (click to view)

Min = sometimes minimum to open, sometimes minimum for the rate.
MM, MMA = Money Market (Savings) Account
OSA = Online Savings Account
HYS = High Yield Savings (Account)
HYC = High Yield Checking (Account)
SA = Savings Account
Chk = Checks
Dbt = Debit Card (yes or no, A = ATM Card)
ACH = ACH Origin/Destination
Th = link to a discussion thread

Please keep the tables below sorted by APY (from highest to lowest), then SINCE date (from oldest to most recent).

Savings, Checking, and Money Market Accounts

APY Since Bank/CU/Other Min Max Hard Inq Chk Dbt ACH Th Notes
2.25% 10/11/19 Customers Bank Ascent MMA $25K Rate guaranteed through 6/30/20
2.20% 12/08/19 BrioDirect HYS $25
2.10%* 10/01/19 Elements Financial Helium Savings $2500 $250K ? ? ? ? ? *1-yr promo rate
2.07% 12/07/19 SFGI $500 N N N Y/Y $500 min to open. Only 1 external account
2.02% 12/06/19 VIO Bank $0 ? ? ? ? ? $100 min to open
2.01% 11/14/19 VirtualBank eMoney Market $100 ? ? ? ? ?/? New accounts only. Rate guaranteed for 1-yr.
2.00% 11/20/19 First Foundation Bank OSA) $1K ? ? ? ? ?/?
2.00% 12/??/19 Memory Bank MMA $1MM
1.95% 12/??/19 Northpointe Ultimate MM $25K $1MM ? ? ? ?/? Interest credited QUARTERLY; Rate for $25k - $1 million
1.91% 12/??/19 SalemFiveDirect eOne OSA $100 $1MM Y N N Y/Y
1.90% 10/09/19 Colorado Federal Bank OSA $50K+ initial deposit $250k ? N N Y/Y* 1 max external link that can’t be changed. Transfers ONLY to/from this link. New Customers ONLY for this rate.
1.90% 10/15/19 BankPurely MMA $25K N ? ? Y/Y
1.90% 11/01/19 Popular Direct SA $5K to open ? ? ? ? ?/? $500 min to avoid $4/mo fee
1.90% 11/20/19 Northfield Bank Platinum OSA $0.01 $100k DoC says Y ? ? ? $2500 min to avoid $8/mo fee. Also, max practical balance is a little less than $100K
1.85% 03/12/18 CIT Bank Money Market $100 N N N Y/Y Free outgoing wires to linked ACH accounts
1.85% 11/01/19 CIT Bank Savings Builder $100 N N N Y/Y Requires $100 deposit/month or $25K balance to earn highest rate. Warning - see thread
1.85% 11/07/19 Able Banking MMA $250 N N N Y/Y one external linked account
1.85% 11/12/19 CIBC Bank Agility SA $1k $1MM ? ? ? ?/?
1.85% 11/20/19 Citizens Access OSA $5K
1.85% 12/03/19 Live Oak Bank Savings $0 N N Y Y/Y
1.85% 12/08/19 Sallie Mae MMA $0 N Y N Y/Y Sallie Mae FAQs
1.80% 02/27/18 Dollar Savings Direct $0 N N N Y/N* no fees, no ACH pull
1.80% 07/05/18 EBSB Direct MMA $10K $2MM N N Y Y/Y 0.25% < $10K
1.80% 10/10/18 East Boston Savings Bank Direct $5k No native ACH system, external push/pull only (including opening deposit)
1.80% 12/07/18 Synchrony Bank HYS $30 N N N* Y/Y $30 minimum balance to avoid $5/mo service charge; ATM card]
1.80% 12/07/19 Purepoint Financial OSA $10k N N Y/Y 0.25% < $10k; $10k minimum deposit to open
1.80% 12/07/19 Capital One 360 Performance Savings $0 N N N Y/Y
1.78%* 12/02/19 Betterment Savings $1 ? N N N Y/? FDIC insured up to $1MM; rate info
1.78% 01/13/20 Wealthfront Cash $1 ? N N N Y/N FDIC insured up to $1MM
1.76% 12/07/19 Discover Bank AAII OSA $0 N N N Y/Y th This AAII version of Discover’s OSA is consistently 5 basis points higher than the normal version
1.75% 06/29/18 American Express HYS $0 N N N Y/Y $500 min to open. Only 1 external account
1.75% 12/21/19 All America Bank Mega MM $0 $50k N N Y Y/Y
1.75% 12/21/19 Redneck Mega MM $0 $50k N N Y Y/Y online division of All America Bank
1.70% 01/23/19 FNBO Direct OSA $0 N N Y Y/Y
1.70% 12/05/19 Barclays OSA $0 N N N Y/Y remote deposit via PC or mobile.
1.70% 12/07/19 Discover Bank OSA $0 N N N Y/Y th
1.70% 12/07/19 Marcus (was GS Bank) HYS $1 $250k N N N Y/Y $1 to open, 4 max external bank links. $250k max for new accounts
1.65% 12/01/19 Alliant CU HYS $5 N N A Y/Y th 0% < $100
1.60% 12/06/19 Incredible Bank HYS $25k $250k N N N Y/Y 0.8% < $25k; 3 max external links
1.60% 12/20/19 Ally Bank OSA $0 N N N Y/Y th unlimited external bank links, offers 1-day ACH transfers

Reward Checking Accounts

Most Reward Checking accounts have a cap on the balance that earns their high yield. Any balance above that cap will earn a much lower yield, typically 1.01% APY. They also have stringent requirements that must be met during each statement cycle, such as 10 debit card transactions, 1 direct deposit or other ACH transaction, receiving e-statements, and logging into on-line banking at least once. Not meeting the requirements for a statement cycle usually nullifies other features that might apply, such as ATM rebates, and drops the yield drastically, typically to 0.25% APY.

APY Since Bank/CU/Other Min HI HY Cap Debits ACH Th Notes
4.07% 11/2017? First Financial Bank $0 ? 15K 12 T 15K , 0.25% APY
3.09% Consumers Credit Union $0 ? 10K 12 T
2.75% 10/22/18 All America Bank $1 N 10K 10 0 >10K 0.50% APY
2.75% 10/22/18 Redneck Bank $1 N 10K 10 0 >10K 0.50% APY (very similar to All America Bank)
2.65% 06/01/18 Coulee Bank $0 N 15K 10 T >15K 0.30% APY (only for residents of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa)
2.50% 06/19/18 Hanscom FCU ? ? 15K 12 1 >15K 0.30% APY
2.02% 09/26/18 Simple Bank $2k ? N 0 0 Min 2k to 2.02% (sub of BBVA Compass)
1.75% 06/03/11 Connexus CU Xtraordinary Checking $0 Y 25K 15 T 25K , > 25K 0.25% APY

Thank you so much for this Scripta. I’m looking for a bank to push my float through to scrape some extra pennies. Hopeful some of these are ok with large deposits and then 3-4 large W/D a month.

Just be aware a typical savings account by federal law allows 6 “free” withdrawals a month where additional ones may incur fee’s or even get the account closed if done continually. You may come out ahead doing one or two even larger withdrawels into a checking account and then doing multiple smaller ones from the checking.


Salem 5 should be 1.50%

Updated. Everyone can edit the wiki post.

Should make $300+ next year just off of depositing my MO to the UFB MMA account, letting them sit for the float, and then paying CC bills. Thanks again @scripta.

FNBO Direct just raised their online savings account rate to 1.40% APY with no minimum balance requirement.

Added. Come on ladies, HTML is not that hard…


Thank you for taking the effort to compile this! Hopefully we will see these rates continue to rise, especially after the FOMC’s federal funds target increase this week.

Added a new rate leader (1.65%). Make sure you read the notes for quirks.

I also earlier corrected the I-Bond and CD thread links as fragiledeal had changed them resulting in 404 errors. I’ve gone into the other threads and corrected THEIR links while I was at it.

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Isn’t that pretty much what I said? Seems to just be restating the exact same thing. Free was in quotes for a reason.

Updated Alliant up to 1.30%.

Updated DollarSavingsDirect Savings to 1.60%. If you upgrade an interest rate please MOVE the entry to the appropriate place in the table. Just look for a starting

and an ending around the bank info.

With DollarSavingsDirect Bank’s new rate it becomes THE place to park cash coming out of regular 12-15 month cd’s that have EWP. This gives you the time to research the best rate although Ally’s 1.75% for the no penalty 11 month and 2% for their normal 12 month cd (only 60 day interest EWP which is very small for this category) are still the best I know of for short term rates.

Sorry this blurs the lines between cd’s and liquid accounts. In my opinion a great rate for folks holding onto liquid capital for investing or rainy day emergency funds.

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I’m not sure who this comment is directed at. The table was sorted correctly and I moved my previous entry.

It looks like you yourself made a mistake and moved one extra entry and gave it an incorrect APY (SalemFive). I still see the old rate, so I corrected the wiki.

Unless I read it wrong (and it appears to have been changed now) there was a 2nd bank that was showing 1.60% however it was down in the middle of the banks showing 1.50% rather than right below the 1.65%. I moved it up so it was listed by descending interest rate.

Is the 1.60% at Dollar Savings only for new accounts? I logged into my account and it’s still showing 1.50%.

Interest is deposited monthly and was just paid out on 12/31/2017. I would assume it would be showing 1.60% before the next payout but it’s certainly worth asking customer service. With it showing right on their homepage 1.60% and no mention of “only new customers” or anything like that I would think everyone would be eligible.

Aren’t there moderators around here to update tables and do similar tasks?!?!

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Also CIT Bank is up to 1.55%