Ally Bank quietly raised their savings account interest rate to 1.20%

Not sure when this happened. Here’s a direct link:


We really need to start the Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts thread here, but it’ll be very difficult without support for tables. I’ve requested tables in the Feedback forum…


According to that thread on FW, the rate changed on 9/1.

google docs may be an interim solution for a table

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Dollar Savings Direct is at 1.40%.

With Dollar Savings Direct [DSD], you cannot do an ACH pull from another bank. This is blocked by DSD, and your external bank will charge you an NSF fee. If you need to transfer money OUT of DSD, add a transfer account to DSD and perform the ACH push from DSD to your external account.


Ally just quietly raised their savings rate again, this time to 1.25%.


As the Fed continues to gently raise rates…should see other banks following suit soon.

Not sure we’ll ever get back to the days of 5% online savings rates…but anything is better than nothing.

Isn’t there a Liquid Account discussion thread ? If not maybe we should pin this for Liquid Account discussion.

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Yes, probably should get put here: High Interest Savings Megathread - #4 by shiningsun