Control-F searching of threads is not returning all matches

Hello, to reproduce go to this thread:

Press Control-F and when the box opens up type in “northpointe”.

All of the results will be from before June 2018. However, there has been additional discussion about this bank in October 2018, November 2018 and I just posted about them today. None of which are showing up in the search.

This is obviously important in long threads. Due to the way this forum loads content in threads (and discards earlier content) we cannot use the browsers own search.

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I was able to reproduce this. I had to load the whole thread by hitting page down several hundred times and then search using my browser’s search function to find “northpointe” references from after June 2018.

If you click the search icon in the top right corner of the page, there is a checkbox to search just the open topic. It’s not as convenient as Ctrl + f, but does give you the same functionality.

That’s what I did and it reproduced @sfchris 's error.

You used the Discourse search functionality or your browser search functionality?

@sfchris was trying to use browser search functionality, I recommended the forum’s search function which isn’t as convenient but seems to work.

Used the Discourse search and lasthit was Jun 18

I mis-read @meed18 's post. I withdraw my statement that it “seems to work.” Good thing attention to detail isn’t important in finance or churning.