Discover Savings signup bonuses $150/$15k $200/$20k

Since Discover was mentioned upthread, PSA on their triple offer on savings acct: regular, AAA and AAII. DH and I have received $800 total in bonuses for the regular and AAA; we’re waiting on the last one from AAII to post. TODAY is the last day to register for those interested.

Go to doctorofcredit website for details for those who are interested and the link and codes are all there. If you’re on 2 player mode, total will be $1,200 bonuses plus interest earned; if by yourself, you’ll earn up to $600. These are taxable income.

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Plus tying up 20k for a month for each $200, right?

From what I’ve read multiple deposits seems to trigger it, there was a DP about someone only having 15k available and did 15k in, 5k out, 5k in and getting $200.

If that works I don’t see why moving 5k in and out 4 times wouldn’t work.

I’m on the fence about which action I’m gonna do, My AAA deposit just landed in yesterday. The regular savings took about 20 days to credit so by Nov. 15 the AAA probably won’t credit. I can either risk it by moving 20k from the AAA into the AAII account hoping to get both or sell some investments to move over, but of course thats a taxable event.

Just want to say @TripleB this is a great use for your perpetual motion machine. Rolling Forward Debt Infinitely: Manufactured Spend Perpetual Motion Machine

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Others succeeded in transferring funds straight from their regular savings to AAA then to AAII but I wanted to avoid any technical issues regarding “new money” so I ACH pulled money back and forth to satisfy full amount for both of us, allowed it to post and then left a small amount to keep account open. This has worked for 4 accounts I’ve opened, we’re now just waiting for bonuses on AAII.

Although today is the last day to register for account(s), you have until Nov 15 to deposit $15K or $20K to qualify for the bonus.

[quote=“TravelerMSY, post:2, topic:2014, full:true”]
Plus tying up 20k for a month for each $200, right?
[/quote]No need, as long as either $15K or $20K posts to your account, you can pull it out the next day while leaving a small amount to keep it open until bonus posts.


Bumping this thread because there is a similar deal back at Discover. This one seems like you have to have no previous Discover savings (including co-branded) and to get the $200 you need to deposit $25k -

Bumping for new deal - Discover Savings Bonus $450 with $35,000 Deposit


Wow! They’ve really jacked the required deposit amount. IIRC, it was 15k or 20k. Inflation hits the bank bonuses. :smile:

The bonus was lower too.