Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Want to hear peoples thoughts on buying 4-week treasuries, yield is ~2.1% and has state tax advantages. Given rates continue to rise, I don’t see the benefit of savings or no-penalty CDs right now since you can roll 4-week treasuries every month and the rates of the banks is lagging the treasury increases.


Already mentioned a few times in this thread, most recently only one week ago.

The 4-week T-Bill is ~2.14% now, while the best savings account is 2.53% (NASB). If you can’t get that savings account, then the 4-week T-Bill probably makes sense. IMO, the 13-week T-Bill (2.54%) is an even better bet, since the next FED meeting is 7 weeks away and the one after that is 13 weeks away and I don’t expect a whole lot of movement from the savings accounts between now and the first meeting. The 26-week T-Bill (2.93%) is even better, since I don’t think even shifting between the best savings accounts would beat it over the next 26 weeks. But this is a Savings Accounts thread. The longer-term T-Bill discussion is probably more appropriate in the CD discussion thread.

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Hve you tracked the 4-week treasury rate over time? I have not, but the slightly longer term treasuries remain around 3%, which is where they were before the last two 3/4% Fed rate hikes.

And dont overvalue the state tax benefit - even at a 10% tax rate (which only 3 states exceed), a 2.1% treasury is only equal to a ~2.3% savings account. It doesnt take much for the best savings rates to beat the treasuries.

I am biased since I live in CA, which has the highest tax rates which cap out at 13.3%.

The 2.53% yield account from NASB here does look very attractive, and up until I found this thread I was using the likes of bankrate etc to find high yields savings which are far lower than what’s listed here. Compared to those larger banks like, Ally, Marcus, CFG etc t-bond yield has been higher than their best rates since the fed started raising rates. Would be interested to see what NASB does with their rate and if they continue to track against fed rate hikes or not.

Also Scripta, thanks for the pointer on 13 week bonds, looks like there are some attractive options for October expiration on secondary market which beat NASB when considering tax implications. Although since secondary market doesn’t have autoroll, might be better to just do NASB.

The next Fed meeting is on 9/21, 47 days away. So more like 7 weeks, not 13 weeks away. The current projection is for a 50 bps hike (66% chance) or 75 bps hike (34% chance).


You’re right, I skipped one accidentally :smile:

I picked up 26-week T-Bills at the last auction, earning 2.9x. Today, I would prefer the 13-week duration.

CIBC up to 1.95%.

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Is there any other Checking account that comes close to SoFi Checking’s rate of 1.80% APY, with no reward checking account requirements (other than DD)?

Paramount Bank checking is 1.55% with no hoops to jump through other than $100 min opening balance. Also refunds up to 20 foreign ATM fees monthly.


Thank you. Do they have ACH transfer ability to/from other banks, with high limits?

No idea; don’t have the account. If you call and find out, please report back!

Recent updates:

Valley Direct Savings was 1.25% now 2.10%
Patriot Bank Money Market was 1.65% now 2.05%
Prime Alliance Personal Savings was 1.55% now 2.05%
Personal Capital was 1.40% now 2.02%
First Foundation Online Savings was 1.65% now 2.02%
CIBC Online Savings was 1.66% now 1.95%
IGO Money Market was 1.50% now 1.85%
Live Oak Personal Savings was 1.40% now 1.75%
Ally Online Savings was 1.40% now 1.60%
Capital One 360 Savings was 1.30% now 1.50%
Bank7 Online Savings was 0.90% now 1.50%
Colorado FSB Savings was 1.00% now 1.45%
American Express High Yield Savings was 1.25% now 1.40%
Dollar Savings Direct Savings was 1.00% now 1.40%
My Savings Direct Savings was 0.75% now 1.00%


Heads up that SFGI may no longer allow external ACH withdrawal. They called me to verify my withdrawal of <$100 (down to $1), saying that it’s their policy which will be enforced going forward.

CFG now up to 2.55%


You mean SFGI-initiated ACH push to external accounts, right? Cause it sounds like they’re blocking externally-initiated ACH pulls…

ACH pull from Ally.

Sucks if you got a bunch of money in there that you want to take out quickly, but could be useful for other scenarios. CapOne360 blocks external pulls. Or at least they did from savings accounts a few years ago, I haven’t checked recently.

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Annoying thing I just noticed - my employer seems to block websites with the .bank suffix.

Well, on further review on the depositaccounts forums it looks like CFG is overwhelmed by the demand and not creating the accounts in a timely manner. More alarming, there are reports that they won’t answer their phones and so those of us who require a wire transfer might not be able to move money out when the time arrives.