Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Yes, I agree… Just wondering how long the rate will last. I don’t think we have any other 2.5% liquid account that tells us a length of guarantee.

I believe the PurePoint NPCD deal at 2.5% carries a 13 month rate lock. NPCDs are liquid.

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in fine print from your link
This is a variable rate account; your interest rate and APY may change at any time.

I posted about Investor’s Bank upthread. The positive is they had been at 2.4% and steady at that rate for awhile before they increased to 2.5% recently. My thought upthread was that given that, there’s a decent chance they’ll keep it at 2.5% for awhile.

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I bought into the PurePoint NPCD accounts back when they were at 2.6% APY. More recently PurePoint has lowered the interest rate of this account type to 2.5% APY.

I just checked my NPCD accounts. They remain at 2.6% APY.

Regarding the PurePoint NPCD accounts, which are liquid accounts:

Once you buy in, the interest rate is locked for the life of your NPCD. The interest rate does not vary.

Now of course if you were referring to the Investors deal, that is another matter entirely and I agree with you.

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I apologize for the repost. I did look up thread for another Investor’s Bank post, but I failed to see your post. Sorry

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I was referring to your discussion of Investor’s Bank . Looks like I replied to the wrong post sorry

Web Bank up to 2.45% from 2.40%

Can anyone imagine… I had 3 CD’s mature this month & no decent place to replace them. 2 @ Justice & 1 @ Andrews.
So Grow FFCU 2.75% is my holding spot.

@pattyb53 why not do the 3% six month CD?

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Who has that offer? 3% 6mo CD…

NFCU has 3% six month CD.

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From Ken’s site:

Thanks for the heads up on NFCU CD. Details:

Celebration Special Rate Certificate

We’re celebrating our members with a special rate on our 6-month certificate—but only for a limited time.

Special 6-Month Certificate 3.00% APY4 (Share/IRA/ESA)

  • Open with $1,000 or more
  • No limit on deposit amount

Thanks for the heads up!
6mo @ 3% will work out for those funds of mine. I’ll do some movement of money over there tomorrow.

Can more than 1per member be opened of the Navy FCU 3% 6mo CD ?

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Anyone here use CIT bank? I just opened up a savings account and I can’t seem to find my full account number. Can’t tell if I am being special or their website is special.

Their website is a little peculiar. I just looked around and can’t easily find the account number except the last four digits. I did find them on statements and tax forms (that are also online), but that won’t help you.

Yes, they use the ibanking platform that a number of other smaller or online only banks use. With the ibanking platform, you will not find your account number anywhere on your online account until your first statement populates if you elected online statements. They did give you your account number during the account opening process. Look back at anything you may have printed or saved. If you don’t have it, you’ll have to call to get it.


I have a Grow question and do not know where else to ask it. Do not want to start a Grow thread just for this. Here goes:

I telephoned Grow today to ask about external transfers . . . moving money between Grow and other financial institutions . . . with the transfer initiated at the Grow website.

Was told limit is $10,000/day, which is fine. Was also told the transfer could take as long as three days to complete . . which is not fine.

Does anyone have any actual Grow transfer experience, i.e. with ACH transfers initiated at their website?