Best Online Savings Hub Accounts

There is some limited discussion of this in the High APY Liquid Accounts thread, but I thought it would be useful to have a dedicated thread. It’s somewhat timely, because rising interest rates are making rate-chasing more worthwhile.

Desirable features for a hub account include high ACH transfer limits, fast transfer times, and ability to link many accounts. No holds, and a competitive interest rate are also preferable.

This is on my mind because I had been happy with Ally because of their high limits, and I was getting 1-business-day transfers. But recently I noticed that I’ve been demoted to 3-business-day transfers. It’s not that big a deal, but I’d rather not lose the extra days of interest.

I called Ally, and eventually found out that my account was demoted because some trial deposits to a linked account (Insight, RIP) were not returned. I’m stuck with 3-day transfers for 12 months from the non-returned trial deposits.

I’m curious to hear what you guys are using, and what their specs are. I had heard good things about Alliant, but the newish $25k limit on outgoing transfers is non-ideal.

Here are the full details for Ally:
Incoming transfer limits: $500k/day and $1M/30 days
Outgoing transfer limits: $150k/day and $200k/30 days
Transfer speed: 3-day transfers, with chance of 1-day transfers on qualified accounts.
Not sure if there is a limit on number of linked accounts, but I have 12.
Another nice thing is that they don’t put holds on new funds.


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I use Discover as a checking+savings hub:
Incoming/outgoing transfer limits: per FAQ, Incoming and Outgoing limits are $250K each or $300K combined per 30-day rolling period for each Account Center registered owner.
Transfer speed: from experience it’s 1 biz day (or 3-5 for the very first transfer to a newly linked acct), but I’ve not done large amounts recently.
External linked accounts: Have 6, don’t know limit.


My idea of “best” is having a picture of a cow (not a horse) on my debit card. Personal Savings AMEX doesn’t seem to have a limit to the amount that can be transferred. I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find it. Transfers take 1-3 business days unless you are pulling from AMEX, then it takes 5 business days (wtf?) so just don’t do this. External linked accounts are limited to 3 though. Also, they used to let you wire money to an escrow account for the purpose of purchasing property but I’m not sure if they still do this. I want to say it was free but I don’t remember.

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Been a cow fan my entire life . . . dairy cows in particular.

You can take this to the bank:

When the rich swells show up with their horses it’s game over and time to move to a more rural setting pronto.