Best part-time income streams?

What’s your side hustle? Would you recommend it to others?


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I used to resell brand new electronics/items on ebay that I got on clearance several years ago when I was in school, only mid 4-figures profit. Seems hard to justify the time ever since I started working, though. I’m still sitting on a few $k in unsold product that I’ve never taken the time to list. Oddly, while some of it has depreciated slightly – some of the other product has somehow gone up in price.

Do credit card rewards count as an income stream? In the last 12-18months I got $1000 in flights from BoA, ~$3k+ worth of additional travel accumulated through chase, $2k+ worth of hilton points/nights from Citi and Amex, and >$1k from Citi Price Rewind. That adds up to $7k which is a pretty decent chunk of change. I’ve been slacking off and really done nothing since the new Amex Aspire when it came out in January.

Please tell us more about the profitable gig you have selling vests.
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I don’t do this, but I know some who buy makeup at MAC/Sephora and sell it online. Apparently the margins are good and overseas buyers eat it up as well.

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Miles and points, manufactured spend.

Of course I’m unemployed/retired, so it’s not technically a side hustle.

Cat cafe.

And no I’m not joking.


Like this:


Please do tell more.

Policies and price are slightly different but yes, almost exactly like that.

It’s a cafe/coffee house on one side and a big room full of cats on the other. People pay $10/hour to get into the cat room and play with the cats.

It’s crazy I know. I’m not really involved in the cat side, that’s my wife’s deal along with the other investor. I’m just the maintenance man and builder.


That sounds awesome!

This wouldn’t happen to be in some sort of cat shiat house, would it… ?

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It’s different. I didn’t get it at all (the part about paying to get into the cat room) until my wife put it like this.

“Say the business houses 20 cats. All these cats are from a local rescue so that frees up 20 spots at their facility. Lots of ppl aren’t paying because they want cat time but because it’s a sudo extension of a rescue group. All the food and litter is provided free to the business.”

Different markets have different focuses. In my city (decent metro but not elite by any means) it’s a wierd “for profit humane society mixed with coffee” thing. Lots of adoptions. In places like NYC and Tokyo it’s people just wanting to “rent” some cats for an hour because their living situation means they cannot or don’t want one of their own.

And yes, there is a Chinese restaurant down the street. Best sweet and sour cat chicken in town.


I rather like the grungy ones ex-US. In Prague, for instance, they’re not so picky about health codes requiring the cats to be separated. You just go in, order your coffee, and random cats come to see you. I suspect the cats are better treated in the US/japan model.

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This sounds pretty cool. Lots of opportunity to juice margins using MS tactics (gift cards, points, cashback, etc).