Best Radar Detector

Thinking of getting a radar detector. Which one is best and why?

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I had a Valentine 1 back in the day and loved it. That being said, I would probably buy a top of the line escort if I was in the market today. They have way more features.

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The best one is slow the f down, save money and possibly save lives. Or go to a race track.


Are these things used primarily for highway driving? Oh, and how fast are you looking to go?

Most of the interstates I travel on are now so crowded that it’s difficult to speed too much without driving semi-recklessly. Additionally, outside of VA, OK, LA, and NY, I feel comfortable doing 15 over in most of the states in which I drive regularly. This is only on limited access highways. OTOH, I may just have been lucky the past 28 years.

Ha Ha Most of my tickets are 5 over in 25 or 35 zones. The detector reminds me to watch my speed and not get socked for a expensive ticket and years of high insurance. My current detector (Escort 9500ix) has saved me way more than the cost of the detector for years. Time to upgrade.

Mixed driving in Michigan with some K band more Ka band no speed cameras. I have been looking at Escort Max360 and Radenso Pro M. The Radenso is supposed to be best at ignoring Blind Side Monitoring but Uniden is well liked. Not sure of wich brand is best. Thinking of waiting till late June when Escort patents expire expecting a batch of new detectors comming out.


That’s just terrible. I’m sorry for my earlier outburst, I think I was projecting :slight_smile:.

Ouch! If the 25’s are school zones, then route around them. Otherwise, you have my sympathies.

The radar detector is what keeps the children safe! The government should be giving them out.

Doesn’t a ticket work better?

Waze reports speed cameras and sometimes other speed traps.

They also report red light cameras, which radar detectors don’t.


Depends on your area. Radar is still prevalent in may areas
True Waze or now Google maps notify about police presence and better for lazer. But do you pull up these apps all the time? Rural reporting is sparse.

If your a fan of tickets. Take your chances. How many times do you drive and look at your speedometer and realize your going 5-10 mph over the limit? Every time I get notified of active radar I check my speed. If you rely on a policeman to notify you, that’s your choice.

Cruise control?


This is more and more the case in a lot of places, but it really does depend on where you live. 'Round these parts, police still mostly use radar. The “speed trap ahead” feature on waze and google maps is probably giving radar detectors a run for their money for people that mostly drive on the interstate, however.

I drive for work quite a bit on highway, outside of the metro area, I’m on cruise control. Never had a speeding ticket. I have gotten a seat belt ticket once though.

I do see a lot of idiot driving on a daily basis. i understand the need for speed for some people for a lot of action make no sense. When the traffic is slower than the speed limit, it rarely makes sense to zip around traffic. It actually slows everyone down. It’s the infamous nose curve.

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Why do i need a detector ? Lots of reasons. The cop could be wrong. Its rare. Better to know n drive slow just incase. Plus when ur alone on the highway n get got. Best way outta a ticket is immediately pull over. Hands at 10-2. Dome light on. Windows down. Yes sir no sir. If get got ull know it sooner n can pull over sooner.

There is always the possibility u didnt notice the new speed sign. That 5 over might have just become 15 over. Whoops.

If ur speeding on purpose with others … its funny to watch them stream into the jaws of the law while ur at the speed limit. #goodtimes

If i ever get another dedector … valentine ONE. Anything else is just somebody elses attempt trying to catch up to them.

I fully agree. When a radar detector is mentioned most equate that to someone who wants to speed. My purpose for a radar detector is to become aware of police and to become very aware of the speed limit. There are times as I drive I miss the change from a 35 zone to a 25 zone. At that point I’m 10 over. Not on purpose but it just a fact of life. The people here who state they always follow the speed limit are either lying to themselves or falsely bragging. I’m a cautious and meticulous person. I try to drive the speed limit at all times because I value my, my family’s and other lives. The only time I purposely exceed the speed limit is when on the highway and while driving the speed I’m the slowest vehicle. In these rare instances I will speed up to a maximum of 4 mph over and in those instances I’m still being passed by traffic. On the highway on occasion I see someone driving 45-50 in a 70 zone. These drivers should get off the highway because they are a real danger to everyone else. I sure they think they are being safe and probably unaware of the dangerous situation they are placing others in as they weave around them.

Just FYI. I think all recent (last year or two) and going forward, all Toyota vehicles except perhaps one trim of the Yaris contain all the gee whiz safety features. One of which is a camera which detects and alerts you when you are going over the speed limit (image recognition of road signs). It’s actually pretty useful. There’s other features like automatic slow down and braking when it predicts walker or bikers will cross your path.

Someone mentioned up above… just have Google Maps open all the time. Even around town, speed traps are posted. At least they are in my area. Not sure of Google Maps posts red-light photos locations or not.