Best Reward / Cash Back Credit Cards

Thanks @Argyll ! I don’t pay close to attention to a lot of these planned offers… Will start doing so!

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I don’t encourage going into debt, which is what most 0% offers are designed to do, but if you need it or can take advantage, it’s worth it. Amex Plan-It which I got with no fee and 0% is structured with a minimum payment so you pay it off completely in 24 months, but standard balance transfers are not. The normal Amex Plan-It has a fee which is not much different from standard APR.

Of course, any higher percent cashback offers should be taken advantage of.

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Citi has a new “Custom Cash” card, that looks good for people who don’t have Citi on their block/ban list.

5%/5X on up to $500 every month on the category you charge the most to in that month from their list.


pattyb53, your love of and your devotion to your Citi DoubleCash card is touching. However:

I have all but discontinued use of my own DoubleCash card. It’s because of the way Citi pays rewards: 1% when you use the card and then 1% when you pay them. This adds up to a 2% reward once you finally collect both tranches of money.

If you’re a PSECU member or a PenFed member, have a look at their 2% reward card offerings. PenFed, for example, gives me my reward money the moment my charge is accepted. This can happen close to two months earlier than at Citi. And PSECU coughs up on the first of every month . . . the full 2% no questions asked and no delays. There are other 2% cards out there as well worth a look. But Citi? Not so much.

It’s really excellent…and with this card you get full value for the thank you points it earns to 10,000 points gets you $100.00 direct deposit to bank account or statement credit…

I’m waiting from them to enable product change for this card so i can change my double cash over to it… :slightly_smiling_face:

I spend about $400 or so on groceries each month so would end up with $250.00 a year just from that…

Well it wouldn’t be $250. It would be $250 - $100(what you would have earned on your 2% card) = $150 a year. If you used Discover or Chase Freedom when grocery came up for the 5% quarter, it’s worth even less. What are you going to do for all of your other spending since the custom card only earns 1% for everything else? Might make more sense to keep the Double Cash card for all other spending and just do a new app for the Custom Card.

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$5000 annual grocery spending = $250.00 Cash… for other stuff i could always use one of my 2% cash cards (such as my SoFi Credit Card)…although i may not even bother because my other spending is only around $100.00 a month normally and for that amount there isn’t much difference between getting 1% or 2% ($6.00 actually…LOL)

I also have a Max Cash Rewards Card that gets me 5% on my cable and phone bill every month and that adds up to more then $2000 spent so adds at least $100 extra cashback from that…

But you are right it is an extra $150 cashback per year compared to the 2% cards…still a nice boost!
Actually…i did try for it as a separate card but i have too many inquiries on my Experian (which they pulled) and was turned down…

I don’t do citi anymore, but they do also have transfer partners with two of their fee cards, and I think you can transfer these points (similar to freedom for 7.5% cashback or to travel partners)

I used Amex preferred for groceries: 6% cash back up to $6000 spend per year.

6% cash back for streaming subscriptions.

3% gas and transit (taxis/rideshare, parking, tolls, trains, buses, etc.)

For new cardholders: 20% back on Amazon in the first 6 months (up to $200) and 0% APR on purchases for 12 months plus $150 cash back for $3000 spending in the first 6 months.

It has a $95 fee, which is waived to $0 the first year for new cardholders who also receive a $150 bonus for $3000 spend in 6 months so basically the first 2 1/2 years fees are paid. For me, the fee is paid for by various bonuses I get during the year. .

I do realize there are many, many cards out there. I’m staying put now with Citi DC, no fee, high limit & no headaches.

I charge all farming equipment, chemicals, insurance, estimated taxes, PG&E bills, + the usual everyday bills. Why last month my Citi DC card was $16K, so figure out my cash payout? :relaxed: