Best Reward / Cash Back Credit Cards

Permit me to care because it makes a difference for me.


This just tells me that you haven’t maxed out yet. I can’t get any more credit from the big issuers than I already have, and it probably has nothing to do with my 820-850 credit score and everything to do with my income and my available credit from all the other issuers. The denials usually say something like “too much credit with us” or just “too much available credit”. The only way for me to get approvals from Chase or Citi is to either close old accounts without reallocating lines before opening new ones, or to call recon and ask them to reallocate lines to the new account.

I also haven’t been able to get CLIs lately because of “too much available credit” or “haven’t been using your available credit”.

There is no “maxed out.” There are time requirements for applying for increases. Most of them are one year.

Most of my cards are from credit unions, which are like a different world from commercial banks. 11 of 13 cards are from credit unions. I negotiate with most of them.

Data point: TransUnion and Equifax scores dropped 74 points with report of 4% overall credit usage. (One card has 61% use.)

Experian went down 10 points.

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That’s almost certainly the reason for that large a drop. 4% overall utilization isn’t going to drop a score that much; it could raise it depending on the specific scoring algorithm.


I‘be been seeing a lot of bad news concerning Chase Bank. The problem for me is “should I forget about the Chase bonus offer”?
Those of you that deal with Chase. any problems?

What kind of bad news?


I can’t imagine why anyone would move anywhere close to the FDIC limit to Chase, so I’m not sure what the concern is.

I guess online talking about folks getting locked out of their Chase accounts. Probably not a big deal!
But it’s of interest to me if I’m depositing $15,000 on hold for 3-4 months trying for the Chase $600 bonus.
Still just thinking :thinking:.

Why are you doing $600 when you could do the $900?

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The worst thing that happens to me with Chase is that I sometimes can’t apply for business accounts online and have to do it in-branch, which takes longer.

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I live in a small central/northern CA town. But we do have a Chase Bank. So if I go for this deal I’ll go in person to set it up.
Every day I’m reading about someone getting scammed and it’s with Chase Bank. :bank:

Uhh…why don’t you just open it online but go in branch if there is an issue?


I have not seen this. Perhaps, this has more to do with the people involved. ie folks who might fall for a scam.

Unimaginable, I walked into the Chase Bank today to open a new account. No go, no available agent to open a new account. They could make an appointment for 4pm this afternoon.
Since I live a pretty short /far distance from the shopping center I wasn’t going to wait for a couple hours. I never heard of having to make an appointment to open an account. So I may have to go online after all. Changes happening daily. :worried:

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Last year I had to make an appointment to open a new account with Wells Fargo. Go figure.

They only have so many people to open accounts (and do a slew of other things customers may want). If there’s a line, there’s a line. If anything, appreciate they gave you the option to come back at a specific time rather than need to sit there indefinitely.

Happened to me as well a while back. Price for people doing most things online and banks going for lowest labor costs. Now whenever I need something in a branch, I just make an appointment. Also usually helps make sure I won’t wait in line.

Patti, I had and have no problem with Chase CC. I’m auth user on 2 Chase biz cards and 1 Freedom. The biz cards I applied online via DOC link. 120k points for 6k spend, 1 son and me. got both bonuses. 2400.00 cash. Also 2nd son (I’m au) on his Freedom card. Double points unlimited.6% drugstore, 3% now and 3% after 12 months. I’m 4 months in and get emails from Chase that I’m on my way to get all points doubled. This was a link on DOC that is expired, but from an outside source that we did not know if it’s legit. It is. BTW all I buy on the Freedom are VGC. CVS is my best friend!! Biz cards, all Stop and Shops, ACME, Staples when no fee is in effect. NO adverse action on any of these from Chase. Been doing this for about 5 years. Citi and Discover 3% Miles also do not care about buying vgc. (SYW,Custom Cash, Dividend) I can say this here due to the limited readership of this forum. BTW my sympathies to you for living in Ca. gas in upstate NY (Dutchess co) is 3.48 regular at Gulf. You are at about $7.00??? And probably highest taxes in the country. Sorry.

CVS still works with VGC? Last time I tried, the cash register did not accept credit card. The cashier told me that it was changed to cash only.