Best Reward / Cash Back Credit Cards

Responding to myself… I went ahead and applied for the Bilt card yesterday. I’m at 1/24 as I don’t really churn cards for SUBs.

Instant approval with a $30k limit. The thing that convinced me to get this card was the 2x rent day promo. We have a lot of unbonused spend on our cards that could benefit from this and that I could time to occur on the first of the month.

Given that their transfer partners have heavy overlap with Chase’s (Hyatt, Air Canada, etc), and also throw in Alaska… Bilt’s points are more valuable for our use cases than Chase’s are.

I’m confused. How does Bilt help with paying bills that you can’t pay with a credit card (other than rent, which I don’t think you pay)?

You can put “rent related” bills through their ACH system. Bilt will accept bills like gas, electric, water, phone, internet, TV, etc. I plan on putting our water bill through that system rather than rent. It is small potatoes but better than getting nothing on those payments.

The more interesting thing to me about this card is the multiplier on the first of each month. Regardless of what you charge, as long as it is on the first of the month, you’ll get double points. It’s up to 10k in spend each month. That breaks down as:

  • 6x on dining
  • 4x on travel
  • 2x on everything else.

I have enough flexibility to time things like bill payments, property tax bills, charitable contributions, etc to hit on the first of the month. 2x on general spend on a no-AF card, with transfer partners very similar to Chase (Hyatt, etc) has strong appeal for me, even though I do not rent.


That’s nice. Looks like property tax is not on the list of “rent related” though. Phone and internet get 5x UR with CIC. The other bills are ~$2K/yr for me, not worth the effort :slight_smile:.

While I don’t disagree with what you’re reading, I have only have one potential scam with Chase and it was 12 years ago. If you put security at a top tier, I don’t think Chase is any worse than Citi or Wells Fargo.

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I just had a home delivery of some food from Walmart. I paid with my Bank of America customized cash rewards card and it’s categorized as an online purchase so I got 5.25% cash-back.

I got a second unlimited cash rewards card from Bank of America with a $200 bonus and an offer of 0% APR for new purchases. I used it to pay estimated taxes and they paid the bonus promptly. This will be the first billing period. I paid about $25 above the minimum. Will be interesting to see if they try to charge interest.


Why would they charge interest if you have a 0% purchase offer?

I am being paranoid. Here are the terms of the bonus offer

0% for 15 billing cycles

But the interest rates they charge after that are outrageous

19.24% - 29.24%

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All cards are like that - you need to pay it off before the 0% promo expires.

Thanks for mentioning this. I keep getting good offers from BOA on cards I had already. I didnt know if they allowed ‘dupes’.

Don’t know how many. Although the bonus is small, the 0 interest period is valuable if you float a large enough balance.

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