Betsy Ross Flag

Am offering this item in light of current events. Plan here is to fly current 50 star flag on the fourth, but to fly Betsy Ross on Labor Day, by which time with luck my new flag will have arrived from China. Will now go into Q & A:

Q: Is this a full size flag?

This flag is roughly three feet by five feet. That is, again roughly, the size of my 50 star flag.

Q: China. Really?

Sorry. My 50 star flag was made in China. Is has served me well.

Q: Is it even legal or appropriate to fly an older flag like the Betsy Ross?

The Betsy Ross flag is apparently on the bubble. According to the American Legion, our flag code does not prohibit use or display of any previously authorized version of the flag of the USA. But the Betsy Ross flag is so early I was unable to determine whether or not it ever was officially authorized. There is also a different version of the thirteen star flag, with the stars appearing in rows instead of in a circle, which was officially authorized. However, that flag came after the Betsy Ross flag. This is all in the interest of full disclosure for any purists who might be interested. As for myself, I’m going with Betsy for what have by now become obvious reasons. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, I am pissed off.

And now, finally, the link:

Betsy Ross flag on sale

As you might anticipate given what is going on with Nike, these flags are selling quickly. If you want one, you might have to find it elsewhere.

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What the hail are you talking 'bout, Shin? I checked Kenneth’s site that you frequently reference but found nothing about flags.


This should be in ‘off topic’ not ‘hot deals’.

I agree with you and I moved the thread over to Off Topic. Thanks!

That said, the referenced deal is the best I could locate for a full size Betsy Ross flag. Got a feeling millions of 'em are gonna be purchased. Some of the shoes got out despite the attempted recall and one pair, with the flag, has sold for $2000. People are PISSED!!!

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I thought the shoes were what you would be talking about when I first saw the Betsy Ross Flag site. I can’t understand why Nike would drop the sale of the shoes. Who listens to Kapernick (sp) now? He is a “has been”.

I guess it’s the old saying “money talks”.:roll_eyes:

OMG they killed Kenny!


Well, Nike has pulled the shoes off the market. And besides that, they cost in the neighborhood of a couple hundred bucks! So it is tough to show outrage through purchase of the shoes . . . unless you’re rich.

But many people can certainly afford a five buck flag, and then fly it proudly in honor of America as founded and one of the mothers of our country. It’s Betsy Ross for goodness sake. Are we supposed to “Kate Smith” her, too?!! I will not.

For a bunch of people who probably never buy or wear Nikes, this is sure to be a hot topic on FD.

Two points:

  1. What is the point of flying an American flag other than the current American flag? Are you just trying to signal you are boycotting Nike and Kaepernick?

  2. I find the non stitched flags to look and feel cheap and I don’t buy them anymore. I prefer an embroidered flag like this. It lasts longer and it’s only a few bucks more. Don’t cheap out on your flags people!
    coupon brings price down to $5.99


Given you have to inquire I’m uncertain I can provide you a satisfactory response. Try reading the following. It might shed some light:


I enjoy Kyle Smith. I read his stuff all the time in the National Review and I agree with 100% of everything in that article. But it has nothing to do with the question I asked you. I asked specifically what the point was of flying an American flag other than our current flag. Given what’s going on in the news, I would assume you are just virtue signaling. I was curious if that assumption was correct.

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Virtue signalling is not something most folks having my political leanings practice.

I will be protesting, because I also agree 100% with that article, and I have had it up to “here” with the BS.

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I agree. But you have to admit, that’s exactly what you’re doing, just in the opposite direction of the way most virtue signaling usually goes.

You’re not protesting Nike, Kaepernick, and the “America is just OK” left by buying and displaying a cheap Betsy Ross flag from China. It has no effect on them whatsoever. It’s just virtue signaling.

That was my point in asking you about it specifically. I call out virtue signaling by both the left and the right.


This is America. That is your prerogative. You obviously are yourself possessed of unbounded virtue. I can only wonder how that feels.:rofl:

Calling out virtue signaling publically is indeed a form of virtue signaling itself. The difference is, I freely admit it.

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…unless when you order your cheap Betsy Ross flag from China, you have it shipped to Kaepernick’s home or the local Nike outlet…


Thank you and Shinbone for each bring up things that would make a less confident person feel stupid.

… now where did I put my dunce cap …