Bitcoin casino bonuses

Out of curiosity I’ve been googling some bitcoin casinos, and some appear to have bonuses. The casinos also claim to be “provably fair”, I guess through blockchain somehow. Has anyone taken advantage of these?

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Yeah I’ve done some.

The whole thing stinks. You have to get BTC somehow. Then you have to transfer them to the casino. They don’t (or didn’t at the time) publish the current BTC-USD rate, so it was transfer in and then see how much they gave you.

Then when I didn’t want to cash out in BTC I asked for a check. They sent me a foreign check that bounced. They did send me a replacement check eventually.

Provably fair… probably true.

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That’s nutz.

Fills one with confidence.

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I know, right? The bonus was 3x my money, but with the unfavorable exchange rate and the fee at the BTC ATM it ended up being 2.4x. Even thought I ended up working it out I was concerned Chase was going to shut my account down when I deposited the foreign check and it bounced.

Why wouldn’t you just transfer back out to bitcoin? Then convert back to USD with the same method you got the bitcoin initially.

Seems tempting if you ended up with 2x+ even after all the fee/exchange issues. Would be fairly easy to buy btc on coinbase transfer it, double it, then back to coinbase and deposit directly to your bank account from there.

Because the check option was $0 and I’d be subject to the BTC fluctuations (good or bad) until I could cash the BTC out.

Also it isn’t quite that easy, I had to wager a certain amount in order to unlock a withdrawal. Something on the order of 20x what you put in.

20x play-through isn’t so bad if you can do it on blackjack or roulette.

Thanks for the thread. Any links to examples?

I was looking at but I haven’t deposited anything.