BJ’s Wholesale Club membership

currently you can get a BJ inner Circle membership for 25.00/year per link via doctor of credit. There is also available the BJ perks credit card that gives 5% on mostly ((95%) of BJ purchases used as a credit when you pay. So I have 4 people in household. But find the only thing really good there when I was a member 1 year ago…milk gallons in Ct were 2.24 and low fat creamer 2.29. Their produce was a step below some supermarkets tho. Other stuff was higher then Walmart. Opinions? Just dairy alone over 1 year with 5% off would be a good deal…plus wife bought a great winter coat and some other clothing.

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Out BJ’s membership has probably been a good idea since we moved about 5 miles away from not only one of their locations, but one of their gas stations, too. DW and I believe we get good deals on their clothing, and decent prices on some high-priority groceries such as skim milk… and SmartFood :slight_smile:

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A bj club sounds like a lot of fun. There’s one in San Francisco.

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I’m really interested in BJ perks as part of the BJ inner circle, and learning how to get 5% back on BJ purchases.

Pardon the stupid question, but I assume BJ’s is considered an essential services business?


Well, $25 dollars is $25 dollars…

Wait a minute…

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yes they sell food so they are open…But I wont head there till this crisis is over. Ill wait to join and hope the 25.00 is still active.

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assume you are serious!!