Black & Decker 9" Carving Knife - $10.47 Update: Price now reduced to $8.84! Update: Price reduced again. Now at $7.05! Update: Price now is over $26

Nice knife for the money. Good for bread, including soft/warm fresh-baked bread

Decent reviews.

Cost of shipping will vary. Mine ships free because total order is over $35. closing out 9" electric carving knives


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If you’re new to Thanksgiving, or didn’t have anyone to teach you, this will definitely help, along with a youtube video, or better yet - an experienced relative/neighbor.

Well, doggone!

First, my knife came in and it looks to be good. Have not actually used it yet, though. Did run motor to check for commutator sparking: noticed none so all good.

But doing this post I clicked again on my link in the OP and guess what? has LOWERED the price to just $8.84!

What’s not to like about that!

Now I have to telephone and get some money back. Heck, I thought this was a good deal at the earlier price.


Black & Decker, on the box, says this is for cutting bread, meat, and cheese. I have no doubt. Those blades are extremely sharp. Just hope I don’t cut myself! :crazy_face:

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The price on this knife has been lowered once again. It is now just $7.05!

Maybe you should wait. They might soon commence giving these things away. What the heck. They are already almost giving this item away. Must be the Labor Day sale.

See the link in the OP.

It’s a clearance item. That’s what they do, keep lowering the price until they’re gone.

What should give you pause is the fact that they’re so cheap yet they still havent sold thru their inventory.

Well, maybe if I didn’t already have my own copy. It’s a nice knife and works just fine.

Maybe there is opportunity here for somebody to buy five of these, enjoy the resultant free shipping, and then turn around and sell the knives on eBay for a profit. :rofl:

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…or return them as a no-receipt return to a local store, where (at least at my local store) they remain priced at $14.99…

(I am kidding, you should not do that.)

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Yeah, but your h̶e̶a̶r̶t̶ accountant’s heart is in the right place. :smile:

Oh fudge, Craigslist just got inundated with electric knives for sale … all by people who are moving this weekend, or had a relative die from Covid-19, or have been DEVASTATED by the reduction in UI/welfare/workfare/pogey.

and have been devastated by the reduction in welfare/workfare/pogey.

Please don’t take the above as a reason to move this thread to politics. :rofl:
OTOH, if you’re triggered, well, hmm, I support the alphabet. Moreso, I support the Greek alphabet, which absolutely has to count for something.

Sorry, everyone.

If you wanted one of these knives I hope you got your order placed at the reduced price… The Labor Day holiday is over and the price has rebounded to over $26.

The early bird gets the worm.

That’s not exactly true. Walmart sold through all their inventory that was on clearance, now there’s only a third-party seller offering this knife (at the same price they’ve been offering it at all along).