Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oatmeal (4 Pack) $10.64 @ Amazon

Here’s the link.

This is a great price and the lowest at Amazon according to CCC.

$16.16 was the original deal I listed. It’s now $11.80! That’s cheaper than Quaker (non-GF) on Amazon!

Now $10.64. Same price per ounce as Walmart’s regular store brand oatmeal! Crazy. Also, someone pointed out you have to be a Prime Member to get this price.


I bought a box of Bobs Red Mill something or other from It
came from/fulfilled by Amazon. I received a box of Vital Wheat Gluten instead of what I ordered.

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Nice, message amazon they’re pretty good about these things,
they’ll probably tell you to just keep it and send you another one.

This product is sort of funny when you think about it since Oats are not related to gluten-containing grains such as wheat, barley and rye and they don’t contain gluten to begin with. Perhaps Bob’s Red Mill is guaranteeing they are producing this oatmeal somewhere other than the mills they use to grind their wheat, barley and rye flours? Otherwise, even though oats are gluten free they could become contaminated with the gluten that comes from those other grains (which Bob’s does mill).

That’s sort of like Cheerios. They were always just oats, but they couldn’t guarantee the processing didn’t include the trace amount of wheat. They somehow now are able to do that, with varying results.

Oats that are not labeled gluten-free have gluten. If you have celiac disease (like me) you have to use gluten free oats. Bob’s are completely gluten free. From the website:

For decades, folks with Celiac Disease and other gluten intolerances had to bid a difficult adieu to oats, by no fault of oats’ own. Inherently gluten free, oats were long susceptible to cross-contamination with gluten-containing grains at farm, storage, or transportation stages of processing. Bob’s Red Mill is proud to be a trusted source for gluten free oats, working with farmers who understand the concern and the need to keep grains separate, avoiding cross-contamination. At the mill, we test every load we receive for gluten before the oats even enter our gluten free processing facility. We test again during processing, and finally, we test a third time as the oats are being packaged to be sent to store shelves.

Price has dropped again. $10.64 ($0.08 per ounce)