Booking flights at 12% off for first time clients and 15% off for repeating clients

I will book flights for 12% off for new clients. I will book flights for 15% for repeating clients. Send me the itinerary via google flights, from the airline website, or another tool. I can not guarantee the price of any flight until booked, if you see a price and I can’t get that advertised price I will confirm whether or not you want to accept the price at which I quote you before booking. I accept PayPal, zelle for first time clients. In addition, I will accept ach or wire for repeating clients. The flights are non refundable and there is a $25 cancellation fee per passenger per confirmed ticket within 24 hours. After 24 hours all airline cancellation/change policies apply. If you price an itinerary as 2 one ways, each one way ticket has a $25 cancellation fee per passenger.