Buying BRK.B vs index funds for long term investment

Watching their annual meeting on TV and the Oracle still seems to be all knowing, pretty conservative with good returns.

Thinking of Buying BRK.B vs index funds for long term, for say a $100K investment, at the next dip. What say you, pros and cons ?

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Reasonable if you want, won’t pay dividends if that helps your tax efficiency. Hasn’t made much difference in the last decade or so.


Good point about taxes, esp. on tax “weekend” I’d rather defer and not have dividends and capital gains to report, but buy and hold for retirement and let them do the reporting. My income varies a lot too so it would be good to have control by selling.

With my luck/time frame there will be asset taxes by the time I retire in 20 years though :frowning: but I’d rather take my chances than pay now…

He’s been underperforming due to size for a decade+, but I’m pretty confident short of a global insurance apocalypse that he’s never gonna blow up.


I have done that last year in a retirement account. Can’t complain. For taxable, I still prefer wealthfront!