Buying cars at dealer auction (dealer input and referrals welcome !)

This thread is a place for dealers who offer their services to buy cars at auction , and consumers who want to buy a car At a dealer auction, to link up. if you know any dealers offering this service please invite them to post here .

Also if you have access to auction prices and are willing to post results on specific models , please let us know .

At least initially , please refrain from positing requests for values until we have a couple dealers or people with auction results posting and available to respond to your inquiries

Hope to have my store open by the end of the year, I’ll be glad to help when I get access to the auction prices.

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Reviving this very old thread.

I’m looking to buy a vehicle given the expected drop-off in demand due to COVID-19, as well as wholesale vehicle prices cratering. From the old FWF days, I remember Manheim was the place to go. That can only be done with a dealer friend as it requires their credentials. Does anyone know if anyone is offering this service for a fee?

I think Steven Lang of 48 Hours and a Used Car may offer that service but I’m not 100%.