Buying tickets worth 2k any suggestions on travel hacks

Im new to the Travel Hacks… do not have any cards with travel benefits have amex card with 20k points Im buying 2 tickets worth 2k from British airways or qatar airways…Is there any way i could maximize travel rewards for this travel.

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Google the BA discount from AARP. BA & AARP discount

If you are looking at Business Class tickets, google the credit card signup bonus for the BA card. The 100k mile bonus comes and goes

If you are going to pay for seat assignments (BA charges for every-damn-thing), look into credit cards that refund amounts charged by airlines for “extras” - Chase Sapphire Reserve / PenFed has one now / Amex Platinum (but I don’t think that BA is one of Amex’s “allowed airlines” for fee reimbursements).

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If you’re buying revenue tickets, get them from Eugene or Venturion here at a discount.

Most people would credit the miles to BA unless you specifically are working for status on AA or QR or something.


i also book these!

could you explain this more for me?

Paid with cash money.

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Sorry. Airline speak for a normal paid ticket, as opposed to an award ticket.