C1 Spark business checking $2,000 minimum 30- or 90-day average balance to avoid $15 Monthly Service Fee. How to calculate?

I’ve had this Capital One account for over a year and always run to the bank a day or two before the end of the month to transfer funds into it to bring the balance over $2,000 to avoid the $2,000 minimum balance fee.

This past month I see a check cleared on the 30th I didn’t account for and the balance dropped to $1,800. The service charge wasn’t issued so I assume my 30 or 90 day average was still over $2,000, but there is no way to view the running average daily balance at any one time.

Is there some other way of calculating it besides adding up the end of day balances for 30 or 90 days and dividing by 30 or 90? I mean, does it show anywhere on my online banking page, or is it just an internal data point? And can I just transfer $31,000 into the account for one day to cover all the other days of the month when my balance might be $1,000?

i.e. one day at $31,000 + 29 days at $1,000 = $60,000 divided by 30 days = $2,000 average per day.

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Business accounts often use collected balances as opposed to account balances which may affect the timing, but not sure about capital one.

But if you’re looking at the correct balance, then yes, you would divide by the number of days to get to the average daily balance.

Would it be easier to maintain a small buffer there to avoid the issue altogether?


That account earns no interest. My C1 MMA gives 2.00%. Yes that’s a buck or two a month lost interest so you might be right.

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I do the same things… I am trying to make my life easier though. Might be a good move for you too.

You should be able to, but you’ll need to read the T&C to figure out if the calculation uses calendar month or statement cycle. A charge for the previous calendar month could show up on the day the following statement closes.

dont know details but why would someone open a Cap1 biz checking acct unless there was a big bonus???

ill reply to my own post!! I have 2 Discover cards…IT (5% categories) and Miles card. 3% back at end of year. I max out the 5% cats each q. They dont seem to care about MS. Have 6 weeks left on that card and did about 70k so far for 2100.00 cash back doubled in June.I expect to do 80k by then and have cashback of 2400 x2. I dont go overboard as so far no problems. Also use for generic spend when I dont have a 5% card. Have to deduct 5.95 for the many VGcards I have bought. So still a profit of 4100. The gist of this is I have not opened many CC for the past year. I just applied and was approved for the Dis Biz card which also has 3% at end of year. They also have free checking with no requirement. How does this Cap1 acct compare to this…No way. And a few years ago did the Spark biz for he 500.00 bonus. very hard as they fraud alert every purchase over 200.00 very hard to MS with them. Got the 500.00 but they kept 275.00 from me due to :“abuse” of terms. Took a gamble. They are only ones too bother me. Chase Amex Citi Disc never a problem charging large amts.


how did you spend to get the bonus…MS?