Can banks charge a fee for depositing cash?

I was charged a 0.1% fee for depositing cash over $5,000. It’s only a few bucks but isn’t that unconstitutional or something. Don’t banks have to accept legal US currency unconditionally?

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Do you owe them money? That’s the only time cash “must” be accepted, to pay a debt.

No, there’s nothing “unconstitutional” about it. Fees for cash deposits have been rather common for 10+ years. I remember having something like 8 BofA business accounts for a couple years, because each came with its own cash deposit allowance.


You may want to consider finding a local credit union for such services. While allowed, it is pretty ridiculous.


This was with my Capital One Sparks basic business checking. I’m sure I deposited a similar amount into my personal account a year ago without a fee. If the teller would have told me about the fee, I’d have put it into another account.

Was it rolled? :roll_eyes:

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The majority of banks charge for cash deposits over a certain amount into business checking accounts.

It’s actually made pretty clear when you open business accounts how much you get for free.

Stacked. Took the teller all of 10 seconds to run it through the counting machine.

If this was a personal account, I’d be surprised by a percentage fee but not a flat fee. Since it’s a business account, I’m not surprised at all. I know my business accounts over the years at various banks had cash deposit limits. If I wanted to keep more money in the account, I could’ve had a higher tier account with higher or no cash deposit limits.