Can companies refuse to accept tax exempt purchasing?

I tried to get tax exempt status with Target for when I’m buying items for my business to be Incorporated into what I sell. They message me back saying,

Government bodies, not-for-profit organizations, and other similar entities are welcome to apply for exemption with us. Resale exemption certificates will not be accepted, effective May 15, 2015.

Can they legally do that? And what changed in 2015 to prevent them from doing so? I have tax exempt with Amazon, Ebay, even Walmart.

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They are not required to accomodate such status. You can claim a credit for sales tax paid, either on your state tax return or with the state sales tax authority (it’ll vary by state).


Ok just checking. Not worth the hassle to file with the state for $5 or $10 a year sales tax I may pay at Target.

I would imagine they have the right to fuck over potential competitors looking to resell.

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What state are you in? Generally to provide a Resale Certificate to a vendor you need to be collecting and remitting tax anyway.

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The people I sell to pay sales tax to the DMV, I don’t collect it myself.

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