Canada election poll

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What is going to happen tomorrow in the Canadian election? Cast your vote here:

  • Trudeau will remain as PM but his liberals will not win a parliamentary majority
  • Trudeau will remain as PM and his liberals will win enough ridings to provide him a parliamentary majority
  • Conservative O’Toole will become PM one way or another, providing new leadership for Canada. Trudeau will be done.

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Word on the (Canadian) street is that it’s a dead heat between Trudeau and O’Toole.

But however:

There is the presence of those pesky third (and fourth and fifth) parties.

On a personal note:

His politics stinks. But I think Jagmeet Singh is a cool guy, and very well spoken.

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Although general opinion seems to be that he risked the Jewish vote by calling the election on the day before Sukkot, I think it was pretty smart. The only votes lost by this tactic would, at best, be a 50-50 split.

o’Toole is moving to the left to try to pick up votes. I hope it’s a smart tactic. Trudeau is such an execrable character. He used his speech on September 11 to call for less prejudice against Muslims. A breakout of anti-Muslim incidents was a canard and a lie in 2001 and even more so now.

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The Canadian election… Who really gives a hoot?

Shinobi must live just under the border somewhere unknown. Still in the USA. But with a handy knowledge of what goes on in that far northeast corner. Interesting!

So an election tomorrow. Can’t wait. I‘ve actually visited Canada on the NE side 3 or 4 times. Never dressed properly, it’s always cold even in summer. British type food, little flavor.
I have a Canadian friend on this side, NW. She speaks English with a different slant, but I love to visit. Will she be voting?

So who will win? Think I will go for O’Toole.

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As I write this the polls in Newfoundland closed more than half an hour ago, and the polls in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick just closed minutes ago. However, voting will be ongoing in pivotal Ontario and in Quebec for nearly another two hours!

British Columbia? Voting there closes a bit more than two hours hence.

Your interest in this poll is appreciated. Thank you for voting

I intend to close voting here once an outcome in Canada is announced or appears certain. That could be tonight or, given the millions of Canadian mail-in ballots and the fact the outcome might be a close call, a few days from now.

Another photo of Justin Trudeau in black face showed up. But for the left-wing media, that is so yesterday since they can’t catch conservatives doing it. Well other than Larry Elder but he comes by it naturally :shushing_face:

Edit. I have to say he does a good job of putting the shoe polish on and has a good outfit. I guess practice makes perfect


You just nailed my feelings toward Mexico and a lot of the former Mexican territory in the American southwest. At least Canada is a first world country. It also is the country with which The United States of America shares the longest common border.

Also importantly Canadians, with the exception of the odd frog here and there, speak English.

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Our poll is closed.

Sad outcome for Canada. :cry:


Yes indeed.

despite Trudeau’s claims:

“It’s a Groundhog Day election,” said Gerald Baier, a professor of political science at University of British Columbia. “It seems that ambivalence has stayed (from the 2019 election).”

The House of Commons holds 338 seats and a party needs to win 170 to hold a majority. The Conservatives led in 122 districts.

The Conservatives looked on track to win the popular vote, attracting 34% support to the Liberals’ 32%, but Liberal support is centered around urban and suburban areas where there are more seats.


The claiming of “clear mandates” is what Marxists do.


A clear mandate when you lose the popular vote and have only a minority lead? Okay, if you say so. That’s some kind of spinning.


Your little election poll shows 43-43. That’s not a “clear mandate”, looks like a tie. :frowning:

Any one who listens to Mark Levin on radio tells us daily “Marxism in America”.

Truly happening in Canada.

We’re not going to let Socialist Marxist make it happen in America. Great solid people must make a political change in the 2022 American election… :blush:


Assuming the seats are allocated by population, the concentration of support is irrelevant. In fact, it’s more likely to be counterproductive, since those seats in the concentrated areas will be won by large margins, with a lot of those votes merely “piling on” and having no effect on the result. That’s essentially what has happened here, with Presidents winning elections despite losing the popular vote.

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This website also shows that the liberals got 32% and the conservatives 34% . I think it’s a reverse gerrymandering affect. The conservatives probably run up huge majorities in the west but the liberals win the seats in the center of the country with a plurality only.

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Having had a day or two to reflect on this outcome, this was not merely a loss for Canada but also for North America and for the world.

The Trudeau victory is merely another facet of Marxism’s forward march across the globe. It is very difficult to defeat such a “something for nothing”, Santa Claus inspired, ideology. The notion of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is intensely persuasive for shallow, weak-minded individuals. Canada has its share of such persons, but there is also no shortage in the remainder of the world.

The Canada election was an opportunity to beat back such cretins. Sadly it did not happen.


So was the Cali recall election. SNAFU