Canine Adoption Fee Rebate

My apologies for not posting this sooner. If you’re considering adopting man’s best friend, keep in mind that Mars is offering rebates for adoption fees. It’s not perfectly plain and simple, but the bottom line is that if you buy $25 of qualified Pedigree dog food, and your adoptee comes from an approved (501C3) organization, Pedigree will rebate up to $200 in adoption fees.

Although there is limited funding, we qualified last year, even though our paperwork wasn’t approved until the end of November.

Although we don’t feed our dogs Pedigree, we purchased the required product and gave it to the local dog pound.

ETA: If you’re looking for a dog, please consider adopting one instead of buying one. Puppy mills, whether small or large, are a blight.

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finally a fragile deal I can use :wink: We’re thinking of adopting shelter mutts as long as they’re hypo allergenic. I was thinking of waiting till the holidays or Vet day in Nov. but this might help move up the date

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Congratulations. Owning a dog is very rewarding and helps to teach responsibility to kids.

If you’re looking at you local county shelter, it may be a tough go finding one that meets your requirements. Presuming this would be your first dog, may I suggest that you research which breeds are hypo allergenic, and then delve into the mental and physical requirements of those breeds. If you are a family of couch potatoes, a standard poodle would probably be a bad fit. If you get a dog that doesn’t fit your lifestyle, you and your dog will be miserable.

Once you have an idea of the breed that meets your requirements, look for breed specific rescues. You’ll have to fill out an application, and probably have a home visit from the rescue. It’s a pretty thorough process.

If you want a taste of dog ownership without the 10 - 15 year commitment, you may want to consider fostering. A pretty good one is Pact For Animals. They help military members find foster families for their cats and dogs while deployed.

Dog ownership is a huge responsibility. It’s not quite as much as a child, but a lot more than most people think. The dog will get into your heart pretty quickly, and your wallet soon after. :wink:

Good luck!


Great advice (no jokes this time either?)

Thank fully have a 7 y.o that’s finally becoming responsible enough to help with walking etc

Well, okay. One bit of advice. Never EVER get a dog that’s smarter than you.

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I thought that was a feline trait :wink:

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