Capital One Investing moving self-directed accounts to E*TRADE "Later this year"

Received this email today:

Your online brokerage account(s) will be moved to E*TRADE® later this year. There’s no action you need to take right now, and none of your other Capital One® accounts will be affected.

We value your business, and appreciate the opportunity to serve you in your journey toward financial freedom. After careful consideration, Capital One Investing® has entered into an agreement to transfer our self-directed online brokerage accounts to E*TRADE, a nationally recognized provider of retail brokerage services.

The transition to E*TRADE will take place later this year, and we’ll be in close contact with you throughout the process.

Right now, you’ll continue to manage your account with us as you always have:
ONLINE at or;
BY CALLING our Customer Service team at 1‐844‐798‐4941.
We’ll send you detailed information before your account is transferred.

We have every confidence in E*TRADE and its ability to meet your online investing needs. Together, we’re committed to making this transition seamless for you. The changes to our online brokerage services will have no impact on any other accounts or relationships you may have with Capital One, and you can continue enjoying our award-winning checking and savings accounts with some of the nation’s best rates.

Thank you for your business–and for your trust in us.


Yvette Butler
Capital One Investing



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Thanks for the info. Would this also affect their Roth IRAs?

If it’s a brokerage account, yes.

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While switching to ETRADE ahead of the transition looks tempting, I am curious to see how some of the features of Capital One Investing will translate into ETRADE. Notably, the Sharebuilder automatic investment feature which I use heavily. I do see that ETRADE has automatic / fractional share investments but they seem to be meant for mutual funds rather than stocks.

I was lucky enough to have been grandfathered into the Costco/Sharebuilder plan years ago before Capital One acquired ING but I fear that some of the Costco member discounts, tools, and features I liked about Sharebuilder that Capital One kept will be lost with ETRADE.


Thanks, Xerty. I just received the email/notice from CapitalOne too. I guess I’ll be an ETrade customer.

Anyone know what interest rate Etrade pays for cash sitting in your investment account?
Considering doing the transfer, but I would have to put a bunch of cash in since I don’t have $25,000 in my sharebuilder/cap1investing account. $25,000 for 8 months @ 1.5% is $250, so the $200 bonus isn’t exactly a good deal unless you’re getting more than .5% on the cash sitting there.

Thanks guys for the heads up. I’ll be moving my account somewhere else. I’ve been thinking of moving ever since Cap 1 bought ING out. Now is the time to make that switch.

I’m thinking of moving to Schwab, Etrade or Merill Lynch for their bonus and as well as their better trading platform and reviews.
Schwab bonus offer

ML offer