Capital One Launches 3% CB Restaurant Card

New “Savor” card. 3% restaurant, 2% grocery, 1% elsewhere. Signup bonus of $150 for $500 spend in first three months.

I’d like to convert my old, aged Quicksilver card to this, if it’s allowed. The Quicksilver is 1.5% cashback but relatively useless to me except for the very rare foreign transaction fee purchase, since it has no FTF whereas my Fidelity Visa has 2% rewards and a 1% FTF for 1% rewards net.

I could apply for a new CapOne card, but the $150 signup bonus isn’t very intriguing and I’d rather not skew my account age and get a new hard pull for this. Not sure if conversions will be allowed. If anyone tries, please report in this thread.

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I think this obsoletes the Costco card if you’re living the multi-card lifestyle.

No annual membership fee (No costco membership needed)
No FTF and all I’m personally doing on vacations is eating out.
4% gas is trumped by any of the 5% gas cards (Pen Fed/Fort Knox)

I’ll probably pick one up since I wanna add a Capital One card again, but that triple credit pull. :cold_sweat:

for 3% everyday CB on restaurants, I already have the AXP simply cash and AARP Visa (no AF for both) for that so this CO CC is not enticing for me. Aside from low sign up bonus and HP on all 3 CRAs, no thanks.

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I have read that Capital One does a triple credit pull, however I have not experienced that. I maintain all three of my credit reports as frozen and at all times and selectively unfreeze one as specified by a bank to pull it. When I applied for a Cap One card in the past, I applied with all three frozen. I called and asked which they wanted unfrozen, I unfroze, and got the card with the single pull.

Also, I find the triple credit pull terminology to be misleading. In an honest, perfect world, every application pulls on every report, because if a potential creditor wants to calculate your “score”, it’s unfair to that potential creditor to only see one of the three. While I’m sure most people aren’t concerned with fairness to banks, I find it doesn’t impact me much as a debtor because I don’t have control of which report banks want to pull.

Chase wants to pull Equifax. Period. If Equifax has the most pulls on it, and my Transunion is clear of pulls, I cannot tell Chase to pull TU instead. So since I can’t control which they want, there’s not much gaming I can do and I’m less concerned by a “triple pull” although try my method, it may work for you and give added security because frozen credit reports are a good thing.

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Not sure I’d bite, because I don’t spend a lot of money at restaurants, mainly fast food once a week. It’s nice to know of new options, because we all know how formerly lucrative cards do downgrade their terms over time.

I do like the trend of newer card offerings doing away with a minimum redemption amount.

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Not to derail, but the article description says the card allows for contactless payment. I take this to mean RFID right ? I thought issuers were moving away from this due to the security concerns.

This is not really a new card as Capital One offered the Premier Dining card which is almost identical to the new Savor card (the Premier Dining card is removed off the site).

Yes, it is a true tap/contactless card, but not the only one. QuickSilver is also tap/contactless (you’ll get it on renewal when you get the new silver design card or upon request).

Sadly, not available for PC (product change) as yet. Premier Dining also was never put into the PC bucket. I would check every 3-4 months with them to see if they offer PC to this card.



Europe and rest of world is moving towards contactless emv. No security concerns and it eliminates the insert step.

If you call customer service (not chat or online), they may see an option to convert or product change an existing card (such as QS or Venture or other) into Savor (fka Premier Dining).

This seems to be a relatively new development.

Again, the main reason why this card is good is the 3% (which is not the very highest, but pretty close to category without a 5% bonus quarter), but also because Capital One does not charge any FTF or even the MC network FTF 1% fee.

Thanks! Where did you read this?

I’m a lot less interested in this now that I have a Chase Sapphire card that gives 3UR per restaurant spend, but I won’t keep this premium card forever so product changing my quick silver into Savor would probably be prudent.

The only hesitation I have is that QS gives 1.5% cash back and no FTF, which might be my highest general card with no FTF, so if I wanted to make a large overseas purchase, then QS may be my best bet. The downside is QS for me has a $5k CL whereas most of my other cards are $20k+. So I can’t really make that large of an overseas purchase on it. Also, CapOne has crazy tight fraud prevention so the few times I tried to use it for an international purchase, I had to waste 30 minutes on the phone clearing it up.

If you’re comparing this card to the Citi Costco Anywhere Visa (which also gives 3% at restaurants), it no longer has FTFs. They were removed starting on 1/26. I don’t see a big reason to get this over the Costco card unless you don’t shop at Costco.

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I like to avoid new accounts when possible to keep my account age long, and also avoid new pulls.

Also, I don’t have any Citi cards at all, so it would be yet another login for me to use. I do have a CapOne account already, and I imagine product changing would keep my 5+ year old QS account age. Although I would like to confirm that before doing it.

I personally completed this process. I have multiple Cap One accounts from HSBC transition days, so it was valuable to be able to switch one of them. I had the offer on multiple accounts available.

You do keep the account age on product changes.

I hope everyone got this card before this week as Savor became a 4% dining and they added many entertainment categories and kept the no-AF for current customers. Kind interesting how the Uber card lost its value.

I ignored it because I already had a no-fee 3% restaurant card. Didn’t expect it to go up to 4% and have the no-fee grandfathered in. Oh well.