Car Buying Thread?

In the old FWF there was a car buying thread. Has it migrated to any of the successor sites? I might be trading in the old crown vic for something with modern safety features.


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I sure hope the mob swoops in to talk you out of this :slight_smile:

I too wanted to ask for some car buying advice, hoping that some of the car enthusiasts from FWF are on FD. But I think my question was too generic and might warrant its own thread – “what’s the best car for the money”, broken down into ~$5K price ranges.

Sounds like great material for the Wiki post.

Might I suggest that there are few features safer than “big iron”. Having not been in a crown vic for some years, it may no longer have the heft of previous versions. The old ones provided a sense of safety, knowing that the little econo-bugs would just go splat as you cruised along, wrapped in a couple tons of steel. :slight_smile:

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One thing I can say is many cars (not suv’s But real cars) are being given away by the manufacturers right now. Got my wife a 2017 Buick LaCrosse a few month ago, new 7:70 warranty for about 22k pretty well loaded. The sticker was $45k. We added wheel and tire protection because it has low profile tires and the roads in metro Detroit are awful. It’s 5 years unlimited miles for the wheel and tire protection.

Normally I never buy new, but cars are cheap in metro Detroit and this was a price that simply could not be beat. On top of it they gave us more on the trade than it was worth.

The fact is no one wants a car anymore (Ford is killing most of their cars soon) so, if you want to buy new, the cost might actually make sense now in some cases. Ymmv.

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Sticker is meaningless in this case. There are plenty of cars under $45K way better than this. At 22K it wouldn’t make my top 5. No offense.

None taken but you’re missing the point.

I suspect the crown Vic wouldn’t have made your top 5 either, but it was still an outstanding deal or value. The point of my post was just to illustrate that Cars are where the best deals are at right now, and that is a fact that’s true of almost ANY car that’s out as SUV’s are driving the market. (The Tesla comes to mind as an exception, there are others)

My tastes are probably different than yours and that’s probably true of most people that are going to post in this thread. Nothing wrong with that. We are all going to have different tastes and requirements in a vehicle.

This purchase was a deal because I will be able to sell it for what I paid for it for the next 18-24 months.

I never owned a crown Vic but I’ve owned several grand Marquis, never lost a dime owning one.

It does sound like you got a deal on your LaCrosse, but this statement about resale is far from guaranteed. Autotrader currently has 8 2015 Buick LaCrosses with under 30k miles for under $17,000.


Previous versions? There were only two versions. The second generation was made from 1998 to 2011. Have you not been in a Crown Vic made after 1998?

This statement is extremely wrong. Please look up crash test results for old cars compared to new cars. Keep in mind that how a car looks on the outside (all smashed up) is not a good indicator of how much damage the passenger compartment sustained.


2017 is a new body style with other improvements. A 2015 model is not a fair comparison because the body style has transitioned. Seen several 2017 used models w/miles go for 25k or so. Nevertheless my 22k was out the door taxes, wheel and tire, etc. and I’m good with it (spouses tend to be more picky and less of a fragile deal mindset)

If I sold it 2 years for 17k I’d be shocked but it would still be a win. Realistically she will keep it at least 4 years.

My only point with the post was to say if you’re not tied to an SUV and you’re not leasing then cars are being given away right now. Seems to be true of the imports as well. So it’s worth asking the question, do you really need an SUV?

If you can lease, many good SUV deals now as well. Equinox / terrain regularly at $150-$200 a month out the door, 15k miles a year low or zero down. And Crown Vic’s are getting much harder to find. Cheers

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I’m not comparing the 2015 to the 2017. I’m pointing out what the 2 year older car goes for right now because you said you will be able to sell it for the purchase price “in 18-24 months.” The price of a 2015 in 2018 will be similar to a 2017 in 2020. Since it is a new generation, it may be higher, but the fact that you got such a good deal doesn’t bode well for resale either. If they can’t sell 2017s, what makes you think they will be able to sell 2019s? If I can buy a 2019 new off the lot in 2020 for $22k, why would I buy yours?

Agreed. Like I stated, it does sound like you got a good deal. And your point about cars vs. SUVs (and to go even further, wagons) is correct. But it doesn’t only apply to new cars/wagons. Lots of great deals on used cars/wagons too.

The Crown Vic platform has terrible side impact crash ratings pre-2008. One thing unibody has over body on frame construction. Once they added the side impact airbags they got better.

My ‘01 is long in the tooth. Will need a new brake booster pump and is randomly throwing misfire codes and abs sensor codes.

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I think the word you’re looking for is “sedan”.


That surprises me. Thanks for the info.

This idea may have gotten stuck in my head when there were so few SUVs and so many small imports. I figured two tons vs 1 ton was better, kind of like the one eyed man thing. It’s good to know that my wife’s current car isn’t necessarily unsafe … unless she’s behind the wheel. :smile:

Oh, and I have never had the pleasure of riding in a Crown Vic. The closest I got was a late 60’s or 70’s LTD.


then you haven’t really lived!! Search “Crown Vic donk” for the full effect :wink:

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Lol. Thanks for that. I have seen tons of these, but didn’t know there was name for it.

That is so funny. Now I’ve got something to point to if my wife ever again says something about me buying more fishing tackle. :smile: