CC fraudster caught

This is why we can’t have nice things… You can see why MS looks like a scam in progress, because sometimes it IS a scam in progress. At least this one has a happy ending.

…within a short period in January 2013, nearly all of the available credit on the cards were “rapidly utilized or ‘busted out,’” with more than $59,000 spent on cash advances, gift cards and precious metals. Some of the proceeds from the cash advances were deposited and/or transferred to bank accounts in the name of Khan’s co-conspirator and the co-conspirator’s relatives.

Additionally, nearly $70,000 was charged in “sham transactions at three merchants, who then issued checks from the proceeds that were later deposited into bank accounts in the name of the co-conspirator and his relatives.

For his role in the scheme, Khan was paid approximately $10,000 in cash.

Officials said that after the bust-out, there was more than $165,954 in accumulated debt on the 31 cards in Khan’s name. In June 2013, Khan filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in U.S. Bankruptcy Court and attempted to discharge all of his credit card debt. In his bankruptcy court filings, Khan falsely stated that the majority of his debt was due to gambling losses as casinos. He also made a number of other false statements under oath during an examination by the U.S. Trustee in his bankruptcy case. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court later denied the discharge of Khan’s debts.

At least give him a little credit for initiative, if not negotiating a good cut of the scam profits (only $10k out of $170k?). Over 30 CCs is a decent AOR.


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Delzy? I think he serves in the Whitehouse these days.


Delzy was doing this by himself with buying gold and then faking gambling debt, not just getting a cut of the action.


Is $10k of profit really worth a bankruptcy on your report? He probably had decent credit too to get approved for all those cards.

Low standards, indeed. 7 figures in a BK would be more respectable.

it’s BS, he could get 10k in cash advances without any help. Slap on wrist: no jail, probably won’t even pay 10k back unless the court takes credit cards, and is probably involved in worse crimes