CC Signup Referral Splitting

Are there any forums/facebook groups/etc that offer splitting of referral bonuses? I’m looking to sign up for a certain CC and am completely content with the bonus offer that comes with the referral link offered to members. I’m fine with using someone else’s referral if they will share the commission.
I’m not soliciting here and thus not naming the card, obviously, I just would like some resources that can offer compensation for going through a certain referral link. I see some sketcky listings on ebay, but would like something more trustworthy if possible.

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I think reddit has a conga line setup for referrals, not sure you would consider this more trustworthy than eBay but throwing it out there.

1 Like web site perhaps?

Someone here will probably do it informally.

It’s against the rules, so you won’t see any pro blogger soliciting any sort of rebate scheme. Make sure you’re still getting the best public offer. The referral deals often come out of the signup bonus.

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I’m curious why you wouldn’t do it here. Unless it’s against the forum rules.

It’s against the forum rules.