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I can’t see how Kabbage is worthwhile over T-Mobile. No requirements there for 10 basis points less, but also it’s not a biz account and there’s no interest-earning deposit limit.

I do not have T Mobile phones or acct. I have 1 Xfinity moblie acc with 4 phones…wife, 2 sons, and me. Bill never over 88.00!! Inc all taxes and fees. Dont know how they do it. 4 and 5 g also but dont care about that.

so far Kabbage is great on depositing mobile money orders from grocery stores. Do not know how T Mobile would react.

Finally some good news, at least for Hanscom FCU members:

Hanscom has raised the rate on their Thrive CD. It is now 5%. This deal has all sorts of details, and Ken this morning has documented everything well very well indeed:

Link to Ken’s Hanscom FCU Thrive account writeup

If you are a Hanscom member: congrats! Time to cash in.

On a personal note:

I tried to join Hanscom a while back and they unceremoniously declined my application. I did not measure up to their high standards.

Hanscom is one of those “you gotta be a member” credit unions. Maybe it is time for me to try again. I want in on this “money machine” deal. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not one to leave money on the table, I just applied once again for membership in Hanscom FCU. They took all my information, ran me through a lengthy online process, and did not reject me straightaway. However, now my application is in the hands of a human being. This is where I washed out last time. Only option is to hope for the best this time around. We shall see.

I envy the lucky dogs who are already Hanscom members and gained entry with no drama whatsoever. Fingers are crossed.

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If only the limit were higher :slight_smile:

Yes, indeed I remember when you told us, “you gotta be a member” of Hanscom. So I joined!

I actually have this Thrive CD. Great rate. But making that $500 deposit every month is annoying. Limit on balance is to low, so you won’t get rich at maturity. :blush:

Hope your membership goes through this time…

Thank you, pattyb53, very kind of you to say.

I never turn my nose up on these “small money” deals. I have the DCU deal, for example. Have found that, over the years if you stay with it, that small money turns into large money! Patience wins the prize. :wink:

Leaving money on the table has never been my thing. Can’t be bothered? I’m not proud. I always can be bothered when they are paying 5%. But of course first they have to let me in. :slightly_frowning_face:

However you leave free money on the table every month by not joining ETFCU and spending less than 5 minutes each month to do fifteen 50 cent Amazon reloads to earn an easy 3.3% on 20k!


I actually followed your advice zzz. It’s been probably 6 months into Evansville TCU for me. The 3% rewards on $20k…Nice

Those 15 debit card, 50 cent Amazon gift card issues just changed. Not so easy now, working with Amazon.

I got caught not checking each gift card carefully when Amazon changed the rules. I have 2 credit cards listed on Amazon. So after my first 50 cents gift card I proceeded with the following 14 debits. BIG problem, the 14 were charged to my Citi card.

Imagine my surprise and anger when I happened to check my Citi Credit Card. Again my mistake!

Pro tip - change your default payment method before starting. Then you don’t need to change it for each purchase.

If an extra $7 charged to your credit card counts as “big problems”, things must be going pretty well for you. :grinning:

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Yes Amazon changed their system a few months back and the same thing happened to me that happened to you @pattyb53 however I now understand their new system and it’s been smooth as butter again. 3.3% on 20k is hard to beat these days!

I-Bonds! :slight_smile:


What happens to them if the US government defaults?

Probably the same thing that happens to CDs if the US government defaults :rofl:


That envy continues. If you’re making money at Hanscom I tip my cap to you, I’m happy for you, and I would observe you must be doing something right. When participants here to do well it is a good thing.

But Hanscom certainly wants no part of a dirtball like me. They turned down my application for the second time. There will not be a third time.

I thought I might have a chance to get in. My credit score, which goes up and down like a yo-yo because of my side hustle as I borrow and then pay off a lot of money, happens right now to be way over 800. And I no longer do business with First Advantage Bank, now no longer in existence.

No matter. They nailed me once again, I’m pretty sure, based on my Chexsystems report . . . NOT my credit report. As a warning to others seeking entry:

Massachusetts based Hanscom appears to put HEAVY emphasis on Chexsystems.

Their list of reasons for denial even included dissatisfaction with the length of time I have lived at my current residence . . . over thirty years! So apparently I have no chance whatsoever with the tough screeners at Hanscom. Must suck it up and move on.


At least I had the sense not to join the Burlington Players before Hanscom approved me. That saved twelve bucks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Couple of things:

First, be aware the jobs report was released this morning. It was a significant disappointment, with a great many fewer jobs created in September than the experts hoped for. This mitigates in favor of continuation of lower interest rates generally since economic activity appears not to be taking off. We must hope for an upward revision to these numbers a month hence. And, indeed, today’s report did include significant upward revisions in the jobs numbers for July and August, which is a positive development.

Second, a reminder this coming Monday is Columbus Day, a bank holiday. It’s a chance to earn extra interest if you play your cards right, are so inclined, and provided same day ACH does not rise up and bite you in the azz. :wink:

It’s just a thought. Once you get turned down on an application, rarely do you get a second chance. Probably most of the people who post here have been turned down once or twice.

I applied to Inova CU, was approved and proceeded to ACH transfer funds into my account. It’s been some years since I’ve talked about this episode.

Inova CU had my money but reported that it was unknown. I’m ready to open some special CD’s and they say that I have no funds deposited. In the meantime I received a check in the mail from Inova for those funds. They made a mistake and refused to admit their error. In their books I was a poor risk.

To this day they show my $5. in savings. For some time after that I tried to do business with them, but when they read the messages on my account, its still a NO.

Long story but kind of proves my point. :blush:

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RE NFCU Special EasyStart waiving the direct deposit requirements

posted 10-13-21

“, they are still waiving the direct deposit requirement at least through this year.”
October 13, 2021, 11:43 11:43 am

I called 10-13-21 just (10am mst) and rep said DD required.
Spoke to supervisor and she insisted the waiver ended in July 2021

If anyone can get this waived, or know of any type transfer/deposit besides payroll or govt deposits that work, please post. My grace period ends in a few days & I have no qualifying deposit.
I can provide my email if you prefer. This would really help me out.

I posted this in the NFCU thread back on July 13, 2021. There is NO DD waiver any longer for this CD.

" Just a heads-up: Last September, NFCU waived the checking account and direct deposit requirements on their Special EasyStart Certificate (currently at 3.00% APY; $50 minimum balance and $3,000 maximum balance; one per member); however, NFCU will NO LONGER waive the requirements on any new EasyStart certificates."

Yes,however, comment # [1265993] on states
they are still waiving the direct deposit requirement at least through this year.
October 13, 2021, 11:43 11:43 am
I replied but have not received a reply back