CD Discussion Thread

Did you buy any? I bought some this morning.

I have a CD that matures today at Langley FCU. Checking in I’m surprised to see a new 5% 15 month CD offer advertised today.

The credit Union had already replaced my funds into a 3% 12 months CD. Luckily for me I had it changed to their new 5% CD. :blush:


Time to remind everyone that while treasuries are fully backed by the Federal government, any CDs over $250k per bank (per registration) are only backed by the FDIC and they’re feeling a bit nervous these days.

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No, I locked in relatively big with GTE a couple months ago, and now only have my wait-and-see money - and I’m willing to continue waiting before chosing a home for it.

I dont think we’ll see 6% long term rates, maybe not even 5.5%, but I’m betting it gets a little better than 5% before it starts getting worse.

Bought the 5.25% 2-yr AmEx non-callable brokered CD from Fidelity this morning. The 2-yr treasury is only yielding 3.89%.


Sun Canyon Bank has a 1-year CD Special at 5.35% APY w/$5k minimum deposit. Available nationwide thru online application.