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I want to do this with a 4.8% GTE CD that has 48 months remaining, but the EWP I’m quoted is a wash with what the additional .6% would gain over the term.

I believe your GTE CD has 180d EWP?

Is your wash comparing with 4 years at 5.4%? May still be marginally worthwhile, only because it extends the 5.4% by a year.

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RE:" [Share Certificate Special | Securityplus Federal Credit Union ]
(8-Month Share Certificate Special | Securityplus Federal Credit Union | Baltimore, MD)
Up to $50k at 6% for 8 months. Edit - Oops - appears expired."

any try to actually get this offer now?

I think that’s sound. $5 to open +$10/month is nothing. Even after 2-years of $10 additions, you’ll only have $250 in the CD. The lost interest on that is a small insurance premium for having the option to take advantage of that rate in a few months. I have some 5.5% CDs maturing in early 2026. Who know if I’ll be able to find a 3-yr 4.25% CD then. Probably why they put that $100k restriction in.


State Department Federal Credit Union is offering a 15-Month Jumbo CD Special at 5.41% APY w/100k minimum deposit & no stated balance cap. Easy membership requirement through ACC (American Consumer Council).

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Is Advancial location limited for membership? Hv also logged in NASA 49 cd looking to break and get the Advancial. Appreciate your feedback on ease of opening account with Advancial. TQ!

Currently, anyone can join Advancial FCU through U.S. Dog Agility (free). I suggest you review the following (and the comments)

After your membership is set up, the quickest way to fund the CD is to push the money to Advancial. I wired the money to Advancial using Fidelity (both no fees).

Thank you for the quick reply, Scanchain! The link is very helpful.

Advancial has dropped their rates. The best rate is now 5.01% for 5 years ($50k+), down from 5.4%.

…and I’d just convinced myself the hassle of moving another tranche of money there was worthwhile, even if it pinched my immediate liquidy. Now, not so much.

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Damn I was waiting on some T-bills maturing in March to get another round of CDs with them. 5.01% for 5-yr CD isn’t terrible for sure but not as mouth-watering at 5.4%.

Life Credit Union (Life CU) has an 18mo CD at 5.35% APY w/1K minimum deposit. Easy membership requirement through American Consumer Council (ACC).